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Post Frame Purlin Blocking

Every time I begin to rest on my laurels and think I have covered all post frame (pole barn) building basics up jumps yet another one to bite me where I deserve to be bitten due to my overlooking it.

Our independent drafting team at Hansen Pole Buildings (thanks Kristie) came up with this question recently.

“As we are building our building, a question came up: what is the reason for purlin blocking? Why do we need it? What’s the important purpose for it? We will be doing this step tomorrow and actually considered skipping it (sorry, bad of us I know). Is this all explained in the CM, because I have looked and couldn’t find the why’s. I bet ALOT of people skip this step and just wanted to see why we have it.”

Well, our 500 page Construction Assembly Manual covers lots of “how tos” and very few “whys”. Biggest reason is we would hate to make it into a 700 or 800 page manual. We try to cover it all and continually add to it and improve it, so every time we get a question not covered by it, we add more information. Even though these subjects do not make a dime for Hansen Pole Buildings, we have recently expanded sections on Site Preparation and Concrete Floors. It is all part of us delivering “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™” https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2019/05/the-ultimate-post-frame-building-experience-2/

Back on task – I will preface this by letting you readers know Kristie and her husband are currently erecting their own Hansen Pole Building.

There exist two types of purlin blocking:

At endwalls (this is Kristie’s case) – Building Codes require airflow from vented soffit on gables overhangs be blocked off. Ventilation for dead attic spaces must be accomplished by either a combination of eave and ridge vents or by gable vents. Venting through end overhangs will disrupt airflow for a properly ventilated attic space.

Structurally a solid load path must be provided in any building to transfer wind shear loads from roofing to ground. Purlins overhanging an end truss and attaching with a hanger such as a Simpson H-1 do not accomplish this. Brackets will not prevent purlin rotation under extreme loads. Properly placed, endwall overhang soffit panels can be attached to these same blocks, as they serve a plethora of duties.

Purlin blocking can also be “mid-span” – when a 2×10 or larger member (girt, purlin, floor joist, etc.) is 2×10 or greater mid-span blocking is required if a member is unsupported for more than eight feet.

There you have it and if you win on Jeopardy thanks to this, I will work for a percentage.

Are YOU a Potential Hansen Buildings’ Client?

Please note, I use “client” rather than “customer”. 

A customer is someone who buys a commodity from a shop.  A client is a person or company receiving a service from a professional person or organization in return for payment.

Unfortunately, too many future barndominium, shouse and post frame building owners are either unable or unwilling to spot differences between a well-designed building and one barely (or even perhaps not) meeting construction standards.

And when things go awry (as can happen in construction), all too often fingers get pointed everywhere except at the person who did not do their homework prior to purchase.

“The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™”

Long time readers will recall my saga of purchasing a Jaguar XJ6 in 1988 (https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2011/12/pole-building-options-and-jaguars/). 

I wanted ‘it all’ and was willing to pay a goodly price in order to get it all.

When we at Hansen Pole Buildings talk about delivering “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™” we are absolutely serious about it.

It is why we want to talk personally with every client, not just send a plethora of emails and text messages back-and-forth. 

Why? Because none of us know…what we don’t know.

When I am shopping for a big ticket item – I want to speak to experts, and I expect expert advice. Just like the dashboard switch on my Jaguar, I don’t want to find out later on there is something I could have (or worse should have) done to have had an ideal end result.

We expect to deliver good old-fashioned personalized service and we hope you have an expectation of anyone you hire doing an exceptional job.

I am always heart broken when a client goes elsewhere and orders a new building.


About Hansen BuildingsBecause I know in my heart-of-hearts they will end up getting less of a building than they expected or deserved, and paying too much for what they settled for.  Sadly, companies with common names in our industry rely on their name to sell buildings, and not on the quality of their product. I’ll give them credit for doing a great marketing job. But are your needs quickly and responsibly serviced? Do you get your quote back without so much as a conversation about what you think you need? And does their sales staff really try to fit a building to your wants and needs and not shove your needs into one of their standard buildings? Think about it!

Regardless of whom you ultimately pick as your new building supplier – begin in a proper frame of mind. Throw out any preconceived notions about what your new building dimensions ‘should’ be, and instead, focus on what is needed to create your ideal dream building – one which will function as ably 10 or 40 years from now, as it does on completion day. And make darn sure your building supplier is designing your building to fit you, not you to their building.

Share with your Building Designer what problems your new building will solve for you. Discuss what this building absolutely must house and be used for, as well as what it might also do for you. And not just for today – imagine you can get out a crystal ball and look into the future.

Engage “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™”.

You’ll be glad you did.

More Post Frame Ultimateness!

I am not even certain “ultimateness” is a word, if not, it should be!

In yesterday’s article I left you with a cliff hanger. Today I will talk you down. We disclosed one solve yesterday, today’s is even bigger.

“Can my building’s trusses support a ceiling?”

This lament gets answered over-and-over in my every Monday, “Ask the Pole Barn Guru” column. Traditionally pole barns were farm buildings. Rarely did anyone ever finish an interior, or live in one. Due to this, pole barn trusses are most often designed to support minimal weight from bottom chords. Sometimes this design loading is as little as ½ psf (pounds per square foot), but more often one psf.

Now one psf happens to be wonderful for things like minimal wiring and lighting. What happens when one wants to install a ceiling? Whoops.

Part of “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™” includes us doing our best to assist clients in avoiding scenarios they will regret forever. An inability to support an initially unplanned-for ceiling would be way high on this list.

Most commonly ceilings are 5/8-inch thick gypsum wallboard (sheetrock). This is my ceiling material of choice, both for low investment outlay, as well as Type X providing some degree of fire resistance. Drywall is not light, roughly 2.3 psf. It also has to be supported by something other than widely spaced trusses. Ceiling joists (most often 2×6 every two feet) will add nearly a pound per square foot. Blown in insulation is relatively lightweight, even R-60 will add only 1.13 psf.

Hansen Pole Buildings has taken it upon ourselves to use a minimum of FIVE (5) psf for roof truss bottom chord design load on all spans up to and including 40 feet. This decision results in a capacity of 500 to 1000% more than most other post frame building kit providers, as well as post frame contractors!

Want to enjoy “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™” yourself? Dial 1(866)200-9657 and speak with a Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designer today!

P.S. This has nothing to do with post frame buildings. For those who are counting (I know of at least one), this is blog article #1666 (oh, no three sixes)! Our youngest daughter happened to have attended a Jesuit high school, and she was so pleased when she got her first cell phone while there and her number’s last four digits were……6666! So Allison, this blog is dedicated to you!

Hansen Pole Buildings is Number One

We Are Number One

 Hopefully you can survive the obnoxious YouTube commercial at the beginning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04854XqcfCY.

Unlike the champions in Queen’s iconic 1977 hit “We Are The Champions”, Hansen Pole Buildings has merely won, from BUILD Magazine, their “Award for Outstanding Pole Barn Kits – USA” for 2018. It isn’t the world, however we like to believe we are the champions.

Whilet it is all fun to be recognized by the outside world, the true satisfaction comes from the kind words we receive from our clients, as well as the photos of their lovely workmanship. The pride of ownership of a project well done is overwhelming and we thank our clients for their unsurpassed kindness as well as the terrific photos.

About Hansen BuildingsHansen Pole Buildings does not rest upon our laurels, however. We are constantly working with RDPs (Registered Design Professionals – architects and engineers), as well as our valued vendors to develop new and better systems which deliver even greater value and long term successful performance to our clients. Our IT team is diligently adding to our Instant Pricing™ program to increase functionality, provide more custom and intricate options, as well as to decrease the window of time from order to delivery through automation.

It also is not as though we feel we alone are brilliant. The custom post frame building kit packages we provide are the result of hundreds of thousands of completed buildings, with input from D-I-Yers and builders all across the country.  Have a product, concept or idea which might make us and our buildings better? Don’t be shy about sharing – we love hearing from you!

In the meantime, please continue (or begin for the newcomers) enjoying reading both these blog articles as well as Monday’s “Ask the Pole Barn Guru” column, as I strive to entertain and inform.

Every member of the Hansen Pole Buildings’ team strives for one thing – to deliver “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience”™!


2018 Architecture Awards

For the second consecutive year Hansen Pole Buildings, LLC has been nominated for BUILD News’ Architecture Awards. Pretty heady stuff, however it seems after 16 years of promoting building excellence and delivering “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™”, our hard work and due diligence is paying off.

From BUILD News:

Shaping the built environment is a tough challenge for anyone, and the architects, designers and innovators across the architecture market have an important role to play in transforming the way we see the world. BUILD News has been spurred on by the success of last years’ awards, and again is looking to recognize only the best this incredible and expansive industry has to offer.

The 2018 Architecture Awards have been put in place to highlight the amazing work done by the talented designers, artists and visionaries whose talent and innovation have created talking points which will span generations.

Geography and business size are not a consideration in nominations; Build News only wants the very best of the best, no matter whether they are a sole trader in a small town or a multinational corporation with offices in the world’s largest cities. It is not just architects who are eligible for the program. Everyone involved in the industry can be a possible participant, from architectural technologists, products suppliers, software developers and more. Only excellence is important.

BUILD News opened their voting form globally at the beginning of February and invited our 110,000 worldwide subscribers to nominate and circulate voting details. All nominees via the voting form are contacted to ask permission to continue to the research and judging phases.

The Architecture Awards are judged by the highly experienced BUILD News panel. It consists of an international, multi-lingual collective of individuals, with backgrounds from a myriad of fields such as business, media, journalism, history and European languages. The panel is led by a veteran academic leader with international pedagogic & coaching experience who is well versed in research, fact-checking and mediation; allowing the panel to operate with efficacy and dependability.

Whether Hansen Buildings “wins” an award or not, there is pride and satisfaction in just being nominated. Every single day we continue to strive to deliver “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™”.

Six Reasons to Not Invest in a New Hansen Pole Building

No, I did not hit my head, there are some legitimate reasons not to invest in a new Hansen Pole building.

1. Land

For some it is they do not own “the dirt” and in a few cases never will. For those who do not yet own the dirt, or don’t have it picked out, I would encourage you to get the dirt first. Then design your new post frame building to best fit with the needs of your property.

2. Finances

Other people need funding for their projects. Some of these folks have inadequate credit scores to be able to qualify for financing. For the first group, options are available (https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/financing/). For the second, focus serious efforts on improving your credit score – at times negative reports on credit scores can be cleared up.


The top two are fairly general and could be applicable to most any post frame building kit supplier or builder.

Being specific…..

3. You don’t like us.

As much as we would like to believe everyone should be friends, there are some cases where two people just do not click. The Hansen Pole Buildings team endeavors to provide “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™”. To every client, every time. Should you experience unresolvable issues, please contact Eric@HansenPoleBuildings.com immediately. It is a quick and easy fix to reassign you to a different Building Designer.

4. We can’t deliver fast enough.

Every post frame building kit package Hansen Pole Buildings provides is 100% totally custom. It is designed just for you to best meet with your needs as well as satisfy the climactic conditions (wind, snow, seismic) imposed by your Building Officials governing your specific site.

We are also busy.

Our clients understand it is ultimately “All About the Building”. Hansen Pole Buildings does it right. Right, however, always wins in a race against quick and wrong, as the cost in time, effort and money to fix wrong is painful.

5. We cannot provide what you want.

If it is structurally sound and a post frame building, we can provide it. We cannot and will not build your new post frame building for you. We can give you a fair idea of estimated hours for construction, what we feel is fair market value for erection and assist you in finding possible builders whom you may vet. We also will not agree to under-design your building. No matter how much money you think it will “save” you.

6. Our Buildings Are Too Expensive.

As compared to what?

It could be everyone’s prices appear to be out of budget. If this is the case, your Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designer can assist with alternative such as all or partial financing, adjustments of dimensions and/or features to arrive at the best end results.

If we have not provided evidence of our benefits to you being of more value for your investment, then we have not done you the service we mean to provide. If we have not adequately expressed this, please let us know immediately what we have done wrong, so we do not repeat our errors.

I firmly believe Hansen Pole Buildings offers the best possible value for the post frame building investment. We continue to make improvements in our buildings and our systems to provide, “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™”.

Post Frame Building Clients Can Be So Fun

Post Frame Building Clients Can Be So Fun!

In providing “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience”™ Hansen Pole Buildings is not selling buildings to anyone – we are providing a service. If there is such a thing as a past life or lives, I must have been some sort of instructor in a past life. I am so enjoying our clients who want to know about their buildings, how they work and how to get the ultimate strength results from the new post frame building kit packages. These are the clients whom I know will easily construct a finished building with far better workmanship than they could ever pay a builder to do.

One of my current favorites is a Mr. W. I have never had the privilege of meeting him in person, we have not even spoken on the phone. However we’ve had some super email interactions. I could be mistaken, but he seems like the type of person with whom I could sit for hours and discuss buildings over cold adult beverages.

I’d like to share with you a recent exchange between us:
Ralph wrote:

“Thanks for the excellent information! Very encouraging to have these pesky issues put to bed.
I have Joist Hanger questions on the LU28’s that hold the 2×8 Purlins:

1. I assume I will nail perpendicular through the holes? Not angled like the LUS style hangers?
2. 8 nails into the truss? Use all the holes?
a. Double truss should I use 10d x 3” common HDG? Or just use 10d x 1-1/2” joist nails always?
b. Won’t nails into hanger on opposite side hit these nails or cause problems if using 10d x 3”?
c. Single truss should I use 10d x 1-1/2” joist nails?
3. 6 nails into the purlin? Use all the holes?
Use 10d x 1-1/2” joist nails?
4. All the purlins are under compression except at the single truss ends. Should I use SDS screws on the hanger-to-truss ends? The sheet metal will eventually provide the compression needed I’m sure.


To which I replied:
“Mr. W. ~

Thank you for your kind words.

When using engineered hangers, always nail in the direction of the holes (if no “bubble”, so the hangar nailing area is flat, nail straight in). Always nail through every hole which will allow for the fastener to have tips into wood without causing undue splitting. In most instances, only a portion of the holes actually need nails to be adequate to support the appropriate loading conditions, however having open nail holes tends to become problematic to field inspectors and we prefer safety over remorse.

In double trusses use three inch nails, if you place two hangers back to back, you will notice the holes in the flanges do not align with each other for this very reason. Single trusses – use 10d x 1-1/2″ nails. While the nails will prove to be adequate, SD screws (in my humble opinion) are a superior fastener and I encourage their use whenever possible and practical.”

Kindest Regards,

Mike the Pole Barn Guru

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