Custom Post Frame Floor Plans and Elevation Drawings

Floor Plan

Hansen Buildings is proud to offer custom barndominium, shouse and post frame home floor plans and elevation drawings. Plans start at $695 for custom designed floor plans with elevation drawings for a single floor. When you invest in your new Hansen Pole Buildings kit for this building you will receive a discount of $695 regardless of what optional services you select.

*This offer only applies when you purchase any floor plan package before any Hansen Building Kit.

Upon payment, you will be assigned to a drafter who will work with you one on one using email and screen share software to communicate. This allows you to design your own custom post frame floor plans and elevation drawings with your personal drafter.

Check out Sample Floor Plans to get ideas!

Here is what a recent customer had to say about their experience:

Our designer was not shy about giving his opinion on our potential home design and because of that we reached out to him to help us with blue prints. He was eager and very helpful during the entire process. He went above and beyond with phone appointments as well as a virtual meetings so we could make changes immediately as well as ask any questions we had. We are extremely happy with the work he did for us and would recommend the process to anyone looking for custom floor plans.

Elevation Drawing

Another satisfied client said:

My floor plans are officially complete, and I just wanted to give a huge shout out for our custom plans – they not only dealt with my never ending changes with a smile but gave so many suggestions that really helped pull my vision together. They are quick, proficient and really knows how a house should be built. I’m so excited to break ground on our forever home!

Simply complete the form below and you are on your way to getting custom designed floor plans and elevation drawings for the barndominium, shouse or post frame house you have been dreaming of.

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Lofts are a second floor. If you would like a layout drawn for a loft you will need to select a two story option.



**Please scroll down to agree to our terms and conditions.

  • Check with your local building department for what is required to get a building permit. Floor plans are not typically required to get a permit.
  • Floor plans & Elevations services cost $695 plus tax (if applicable) and include the following sheets: Floor Plans and Elevation Drawings. These will be delivered to the client’s email address as a PDF file once completed. These plans are Floor Plans only (interior layout plans) NOT building plans for the building structure.
  • There will be an additional cost of $199 per floor that you want added to the plans and will be applied at time of payment before any drafting will begin.
  • There will be an additional cost of $249 for electrical plan and will be applied at time of payment before any drafting will begin.
  • There will be an additional cost of $99 for plumbing plan and will be applied at time of payment before any drafting will begin.
  • Forms of Payment accepted: Credit or debit card but will incur a 3% fee for processing (we do not accept American Express) or you can use a checking account ACH (no fee). Payment can be made either over the phone or through electronic submission. Any calls for payment will be brief and only to take payment. Any additional information about the floor plans will need to be made over email to avoid miscommunication. This is only to keep things organized for the drafter for reference later.
  • If an electrical plan is purchased it is suggestive only and do not indicate exact locations, sizes, or names of switches, outlets, and lighting. This will be the contractor(s) and client’s responsibility.
  • If a plumbing plan is purchased it only shows the dimensions of the water source locations.
  • The floor plans are drawn by collecting information, sketches, and pictures from the client. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the drafter has everything prior to drafting.
  • Each additional change and/or re-draft after the rough draft review and corrections will cost an additional amount based on changes requested. Note: rough draft review allows you to make minor modifications only to room layouts or minor size changes. Changes in the building footprint/layout or major design changes will result in a complete redo and starting over will be at the price originally paid. This judgment is left up to the drafter to determine.
  • The timeline for completion of plans can vary due to complexity of plans and/or the client’s communication. Once drafting begins, an email will be sent to notify you. Constant communication from the client will be expected to complete the set in a timely manner. If this does not happen, the drafter has the right to push your plans back to keep other client’s timelines in order.
  • Once payment is collected, drafting will begin at the drafter’s earliest scheduled opening.
  • No refunds will be given after drafting has begun.
  • Communication between the drafter and the client will only be made through email or online meeting after payment is collected. If you choose to do an online screen share meeting all communication will be followed up with an email to confirm before drafting starts. This is only to ensure the drafter has all of your information written to refer back to when needed. Please provide an email address that you will check regularly at time of payment.
  • Hansen Buildings reserves the right to turn down a floor plan or building kit project at our discretion.
  • Sales Tax will be collected on all fees if you are in a taxable location.
  • These plans are for planning purposes only and will not be stamped engineered. They are for you to save and print yourself. You cannot obtain any permits with them.

**This document must be approved online before any drafting can begin.

I, , understand that I have supplied the drafter with ALL of the necessary information needed for the drafter to draw the plans as desired. I also understand that there will only be ONE chance to review my floor plan for corrections/changes before the drafter continues the sheet set and no additional changes will be made. I understand that I should take my time on this and make sure all changes are on the list before I send it back to the drafter. By signing this you agree to all of the above terms.