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Horse Arena Kits

Indoor arenas where horse lovers can enjoy riding their animals year-round are becoming not only more popular but also more affordable. Hansen Pole Buildings offers cheap indoor riding arena kits so anyone can build their own space to play with horses from winter to summer. With careful planning, a modest budget, and a little patience, you can go from a simple indoor horse arena to a fancy equestrian facility over time.

Here are a few of our favorite riding arena designs.


Riding Arena Dimensions

Indoor riding arena kits need to be a certain width in order to turn with your horses and avoid feeling like you’re on a merry-go-round. We suggest 60’ as an absolute minimum, but widths of 70’ or 80’ are far more common.

The ideal length depends on your budget and the space on your property, but anything less than 80’ will really limit your freedom to ride. If you need to keep expenses as low as possible in the beginning, focus on getting the appropriate width and worry about length later. You can add length to your indoor riding arena as your budget increases over time.

Starting Simple

Horse arena kits can start out as nothing more than an open pole building with a covered roof. Sheet at least one endwall with steel or another siding to combat wind uplift. It’s best to position your horse arena with the enclosed end toward the wind, if this is possible on your property.

For some extra shelter from the wind and other elements, cover the sidewalls partway from the ground up. You’ll still have an open area at the top for ventilation and to enjoy the natural light while making the rounds on horseback.

Expanding to an Equestrian Building

Equestrian Building

There’s much more to owning horses than riding around in circles. With additional pole barn packages, you can turn your original horse arena kit into a full equestrian building. Since covered riding arenas typically have eave heights of at least 14’, it’s easy to add rows of sheds or other lean-to-type buildings to house your horses or store feed and equipment.

If horses are part of your business, not just your hobby, think about building fully functional pole barn living quarters near your covered arena where the employees who care for the horses can live in their off hours. You can also attach office space for conducting business and keeping records.

Indoor Horse Arena Doors

The sliding doors that used to look the same on every equestrian arena kit now come in a variety of styles and colors.

  • Single or split sliders: These heavy-duty doors, made with steel support beams, will take all the abuse a horse can give and still look great for many years.
  • Dutch doors: The type you’d see on an old episode of “Mr. Ed,” where the top opens and closes separately from the bottom half. Optional window kits or colored crossbuck panels work with Dutch doors.
  • Overheads: Large doors that can be outfitted with garage door openers for quick and effortless opening. While they aren’t as durable as sliding doors, overheads allow more opportunity to customize and add style to your arena building.

You and your horses need a place to ride, and pre-engineered DIY indoor riding arenas are an easy way to get it. Click here to get a custom quote on a horse arena.


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