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Ashley Belle Barn SJW 1If your congregation is in need of a larger church, or you need to build a church in a new community to accommodate worshipers in a growing area, church buildings are an effective and affordable option. Hansen Buildings provides pole barn churches and custom church building kits that can accommodate the needs of your congregation for years to come. Far from a temporary solution, our pole building kits come with manufacturer warranties, and designed to last for decades.

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When thinking about a post frame church building, people often imagine a plain and boxy barn or warehouse-like building. The truth is your church building can be made as unique as you would like it to be. A gable-style building makes a practical and attractive option for a church building with the addition of a steeple and the windows of your choice. You can also add on to our gable or monitor-style buildings to give your church exterior the shape of your choice.

Our options for siding include fiber-cement, wood-based siding and steel siding. Brick or stone can easily be added to your church building if you choose to do so. Many people consider our church buildings for their durability and low maintenance. Our siding comes in a wide range of colors, giving you plenty of opportunity to customize your church building.

When it comes to deciding on the best building plan for your church, the main thing to consider is the needs of your congregation.

What to Consider When Building Your Church:

How big is your congregation?
Get as accurate of an estimate as you can for the current size of your congregation, and consider how many people or families have joined your church in the past year. If your church continues to grow at this pace for five or ten years, how large would you anticipate your congregation to be? These number will help you decide exactly how much square footage you need in your church and the other areas you may want to add on to the main church building. This information will also help you decide how many bathrooms, sinks and toilets you will need to add when planning your church construction.

What events will take place in your church?
FB_IMG_1453150166138Does your church hold any type of fundraisers or host charity events on a regular basis? Maybe you have dinners or special meals for the congregation. Does your church celebrate special holidays? In addition to estimating the size of your congregation, you should also consider how much fuller the church gets on these occasions. You’ll also need to decide if you would like to host events in the church itself or have separate areas for these events. For occasions like weddings or pageants, you may want to consider adding a couple of dressing rooms. For dinners and fundraisers, you may want to add a kitchen to the building. Also consider how much outdoors space you want your church to have for parking and events.

What activities take place on a regular basis?
FB_IMG_1453150176331Consider the activities your congregation does on a regular basis and keep these in mind when designing your church building. Most churches have an elevated altar area to use for sermons and special ceremonies. Some may have private rooms or alcoves for prayer or meditation. Is it customary for your church to provide religion classes or counseling services? Would you like to provide a daycare or child care service? You may want to add a couple of classrooms or offices to your church building to accommodate your church’s activities.  Decide how you would like these areas to be laid out and keep them in mind when you request a custom building kit from us.

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