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Monitor Garage and WorkshopOver the years, monitor style roofs have been traditionally used on barn designs, specifically horse pole barns. Today, monitor roofs are found on everything from agricultural metal buildings to houses, shops and garages which may even have an office in the upper section. A monitor building has the entire center section raised with trusses supporting the gabled center roof. Sheds or “lean to’s” on each side, most notably are attached a couple of feet or more below the main roof, allowing the upper section to have windows or eavelights along the sides for lighting and ventilation.

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Monitor style pole barn design has gained popularity, as the need to get the most use from purchased space has come to the forefront. There is always the need for more storage room, a place for a home office, or sometimes just a place for an extra sleeping room or apartment. Both guys and gals love to claim the upper area as a place to “get away” for a home hobby area, room to put the computer, TV and lounge area, or even an art studio or hobby room.

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Eave lights in the upper 2’ to 4’ section give natural lighting, cutting down on electricity bills. Venting the ridge cap offers an outlet for the warm air rising in the center section. Enclosed overhangs in the monitor roof also help to circulate the air by providing an inlet for the cooling breezes. Need more ventilation? Not a problem. Add a cupola with a weathervane, which makes for a sharp looking building and is functional as a roof vent as well! Upgrade your ventilation even more by adding gable vents in either end, available in a rainbow of colors and various shapes and sizes.

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Horse barns have long been popular with a monitor building, with the center section used as an aisle way with a loft space above for storing hay. With stairs to access the upper story, the middle section of a monitor building truly ends up as being a “bonus room”. Stalls can be built onto the poles along either side of the middle section, with 10’, 12’ or even 14’ spacing depending on stall size requirements. Your horse pole barn stalls have a solid foundation, built onto the original framework of the barn design. Stalls can be finished off with tongue and groove stall kits, beautiful wood with long lasting aluminum hardware.

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Once primarily used for horse pole barns, monitor buildings have found their ultimate calling as garages, houses and general storage. RV owners can really appreciate the monitor barn design, with the center section often left open for those taller campers. Side “wings” on the monitor house a boat, car or pickup, along with a workshop or just general storage. Expensive RV’s are protected from sun, wind, rain and snow, while staying clean and well preserved, stocked and ready for the next trip on the road. You can’t help but love a barn design which is not only functional but attractive and even classy! The bottom line is your monitor barn design is guaranteed to return your hard earned dollars investment while providing a lifetime of sensational service.

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A building can be a tough decision. Call 866.200.9657 for a free consultation now!

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