Commercial Buildings

Every dollar counts when you’re running a business. If you need additional space for storage, fleet vehicles, a workshop, or anything else related to your commercial enterprise, you can’t afford to spend a lot of time and money putting up a building that won’t last. That’s where commercial pole buildings from Hansen Pole Buildings come in.

Our line of durable steel commercial buildings can be used for many purposes, and the speed and simplicity of post frame construction will allow you to put your new building together without going over your schedule or your budget. Get a free quote for a commercial pole building kit today.

Commercial Storage Buildings

Metal Storage BuildingOur pole kits are great for creating new multiunit commercial storage buildings with minimal cost and effort. The poles are typically spaced at least 12 feet apart, leaving room for wide doors and ample open space so you can store large items or high volumes of inventory at once. If you need to add even more storage units to your pre-engineered metal building in the future, it will be quick and cheap to do so.

Metal Shop Building

Looking for a sturdy garage for your business-related vehicles, equipment, or machinery? Our commercial pole building kits have you covered on that front too. The durable steel roofing and siding will keep your commercial building in good condition for decades and do a great job of protecting everything inside from the elements. If you want even more security for your investment, lifetime warranties are available by request.

Storage space, garages, and workshops are just a few of the things you can use a commercial pole building for. Some of our customers have also used them as houses, churches, fire stations, airplane hangars, and more—the truth is they can be used for just about anything. Whatever your business needs are, our pole kits are ready to meet them.

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Commercial Buildings Made to Last

When you order a commercial building kit from Hansen Pole Buildings, you can expect only the best quality materials, all the way down to the powder-coated screws. The kiln-dried framing lumber prevents twisting and shrinkage after installation, and the minimum 2×6 wall girts and purlins enable your building to withstand heavy wind and snow. You can also put in optional commercial girts which will not only add strength but also allow you to quickly install insulation and drywall if desired.

What Makes Our Commercial Buildings Better?

We guarantee the lowest prices on commercial buildings with equal features and level of quality. If you find another quote for the same building at a lower price, show your designer and we’ll either match it or offer another quote for a similar building.

You can make changes to your pole kit as many times as you want before completing your purchase. Pick another style, try out different colors, add new customizations, and more—we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you’ll be completely happy with your commercial building for years.

Your kit will include simple step-by-step building instructions and engineer-sealed plans that will help you secure any necessary permits. If you need extra help putting your commercial building together, we’ll send a local contractor to guide you through the process.

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Your search for convenient, attractive and durable commercial buildings has ended. Welcome to Hansen Buildings – providers of metal storage buildings and metal garage buildings. For the fastest building quote, click on FREE QUOTE to submit your pole building package needs. Or, call (866) 200-9657 toll free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to leave your information. Most quotes are completed in 24 to 48 hours.

Count on Hansen Pole Buildings for reliable, budget-friendly solutions for all your business needs. Request a free quote for your steel commercial storage or garage building now.

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