Gambrel Building Designs

Many customers admire the gambrel barn’s functional and attractive design. Like the barns of the olden days, gambrels are large, roomy, and used for more than housing horses or livestock. For this reason, gambrel barn houses are one of the top choices for those who want to build an upscale, one-of-a-kind house.

Gambrel Storage

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Soon after Hansen Buildings launched its online barn kit business, a customer called to lament her husband’s desire to build a barn house. She was looking to justify her reasons why building a pole barn simply wouldn’t work: It would be too expensive, too plain, and out of the ordinary, she felt.

When we sent her photos of gambrel roof barns’ interiors, including kitchens, bathrooms, and beautiful wood-trimmed and vaulted ceilings, she began to change her mind. Next, we only had to convince her that a gambrel roof barn would fit in with the rest of the neighborhood—this was easy to do! Their wooden, vinyl, and steel building styles provide a variety of options for residents who want to match the look of their neighborhood.

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Gambrel Barn Kit Designs

Barn Designs

Take a look at one of the largest, most beautiful gambrel shed designs used time and time again by happy customers. While this specific design has been modified throughout the years to accommodate builders’ needs, it’s still retained that classic, barn-like charm.

This gambrel building has a main area of 48’ x 60’ with 18’-wide sheds, one of which serves as a small entry area and courtyard. Another shed contains two roomy offices and a storage unit. The barn’s center has a large hot tub and exercise area and room for four vehicles with an indoor wash station.

The longer lean-to shed houses a boat, a pickup truck, two hunting and fishing storage closets, and a six-person sauna. This man cave is complete with a small kitchenette and a full bathroom with a shower, proving that customizable gambrel barn kits can be built to suit everyone’s needs.

The most fun part of the building, though, is the upstairs, which was built with a wall full of custom-designed windows. The upstairs living space includes a massive master bedroom with a large fireplace, a third-story loft, a family room equipped with a pool table and big screen TV, and a huge open kitchen. You’ll never have to worry about getting groceries upstairs—the two-person pneumatic tube elevator effortlessly carries household items up to the second floor.

This barn design also has ample room for storage, with full closets running the 60’ length above the two wing sections. Both the upper and lower areas are clearspan, which allows you to customize your rooms’ square footage and positioning.

Interior view of a finished side shedClearspan Pole Building GaragePole Barn - Recreational Area
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