Airplane Hangars

When you need a new aircraft hangar that’s both inexpensive and durable, there’s no better choice than a pole barn. Aircraft hangar kits provide a simple, fast, and affordable way to build a large storage area that will protect your planes from the forces of nature: wind, rain, sleet, snow, and anything else that might cause damage.

Aircraft hangars tend to be placed in open areas where wind can hit them from all directions, and they’re susceptible to pressure from wind uplift. A quality pole barn kit includes poles you can secure to the ground with concrete and connect to the rest of the building so your hangar will stay rooted exactly where you want it to be. You’ll always be able to count on your pole barn hangar to keep your Cessnas, Pipers, and larger aircraft safe.

Here’s a photo of a hangar built from one of our custom-designed aircraft hangar kits.

Other Uses for Aircraft Hangars

Airplane Hangar Kit

While aircraft hangars are still primarily used to store planes and other flying objects, they’ve evolved to serve multiple purposes over the last 10 or 15 years. The large, spacious, and simple design can easily be adapted into a man cave, an auto shop, a metal storage facility, or even a residential space.

Whatever you use your airplane hangar for, gable-style buildings are the best design option. Many aircraft hangar plans specify eave heights that allow room for a second story in the back of the building. You can custom-design this section to include a workstation, bathroom, sleeping area, or kitchenette. If you have to travel a long way between your home and your airplane hangar, you’ll be glad to have comfortable facilities waiting for you when you finish the trip.

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How Much Does an Aircraft Hangar Kit Cost?

It’s entirely up to you how plain or elaborate you want your hangar to be, and your expenses will vary accordingly. If you’re a minimalist, you could be happy with just a simple wood-framed box with steel siding and a large hangar door. You can also use T1-11, board and batten, vinyl, or any other kind of siding available. For your roof, choose from shingles or standing seam steel roofing.

Custom Designed Airplane Hangar Building

Your hangar kit can come equipped with commercial girts (2’ on center) ready for insulation and drywall. If you’re interested in creating a loft area in the back, you’ll need additional material to build a second level and stairs.

Getting enclosed overhangs and venting the ridge are easy ways of ventilating your hangar. Your kit will come with closures for sealing the ridge cap and reflective insulation to prevent condensation problems. Add vents to the gable ends, either during construction or anytime afterward, to improve ventilation and give your building a classier look.

How about free lighting? Clear ridge cap or eave light panels at the top of the sidewalls allow natural light to enter your hangar, cutting down on your need to use electricity. Polycarbonate eave lights won’t yellow, crack, or break, giving you an inexpensive alternative to traditional windows.

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