Airplane Hangars

There is no better choice for airplane hangar building than a pole barn kit. Strong, resistant to the forces of nature: rain, snow, sleet and wind…post frame construction provides a unique foundation to resist them all. Airplane hangars are most often sitting out in the open with wind hitting them from all directions. Even stronger is the “sucking” pressure, better known as wind uplift. Poles concreted in the ground and tied into the building system keeps your hangar right where you constructed it. Many airplane hangar buildings serve dual functions. These hangar kits, often with large doors, are an easy way to tuck a prized Cessna or Piper inside and out of the elements.

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Airplane Hangar KitAirplane hangars have become a multi-use building over the past ten to fifteen years. A simple building has evolved into many a guy’s man-cave, shop, metal storage building and even residential spaces. The style of the airplane hangar continues to focus on the gable style building. However, many of these airplane hanger buildings are sporting eave heights which allow for full two story use in the rear. They can be custom designed to make room for a shop, bathroom, sleeping area and even kitchenette. For the man (or couple) who has to travel a bit to their airplane hangar, it just makes sense to have fully equipped facilities. All this and more. But what do airplane hanger kits cost?

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Airplane Hangar Cost

How fancy or plain you make your hangar is totally up to you. Your metal storage building can be just this…a wood framed simple box with steel siding and a large airplane hangar door. Or, it can be sided with wood T1-11, board and batten, vinyl, or any other siding available. Steel, shingles or even standing seam steel roofing can be applied. Your hangar kit can come equipped with commercial girts (2’ on center) ready for insulation and drywall. Don’t forget the stairs and loft area in the back for storage or a mini-apartment! How much is this custom designed airplane hangar going to cost? Speak with one of our highly trained building designers at 1-866-200-9657 for a detailed quote.

Custom Designed Airplane Hangar BuildingVentilation for your airplane hangar is easily remedied with enclosed overhangs and venting the ridge. Included with your pole barn kit is closures for sealing the ridge cap, along with reflective insulation to prevent condensation issues. Both for added ventilation and a classy look, gable vents are easily added to the gable ends either at time of construction or anytime down the road. How about free lighting? Clear ridge cap and/or eave light panels at the top of the sidewalls allow for natural lighting, cutting down on the need to flip the electricity switch each time you enter your airplane hangar. Polycarbonate eave lights won’t yellow, crack or break – giving you an inexpensive and break-in resistant lighting alternative to traditional windows.

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A building can be a tough decision. Call 866.200.9657 for a free consultation now!

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A building can be a tough decision. Call 866.200.9657 for a free consultation now!

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