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If you can dream it, and if its structurally possible – we will help you design your own building the way you’ve always wanted it. Offering custom buildings for DIY building kits has been our main focus from day one. Instead of pushing a limited number of barn packages promising custom pole building design, only to discover they have limited options and features, we give you: Your Building. Your Way.

Custom Gambrel Barn BuildingWhat does that mean? When you come to us with a sketch, a picture or just a concept in your imagination, we strive to put your specifications into the most efficient, least expensive barn package possible. We start with the ground and work our way up.

First of all, what problems is this building going to solve for you? Are you moving and want to build a new house? Do you have horses boarded miles from your home and never get to ride them because it’s just not convenient? How about your business venture which now needs a commercial building? Maybe your business has grown so much you need a warehouse or storage facility. Or it sure would be nice to have the car/pickup/lawnmower inside and protected from the elements.

Whatever your needs are, this is where you start…on the ground. Make a list of all the things you want to design your own building around. Figure out how much space each one of your “needs” is going to require, put them together on a layout and draw a square or rectangle around them. Add at least 10% for future growth and there you have it. You’ve just designed your own DIY building.

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Of course the next things you will need to consider for your custom building is the size of your property and the depth of your pocketbook. A trip to your county’s building department is in order early in the process. They can tell you what the setbacks for your property are, and any other requirements you will need to follow in order to best design your own building so it flies easily past any inspections. This may make a difference on the overall size or footprint of your building and often, the eave height. Even though the county requirements may dictate changing the size or overall height of your building, sometimes a variance can be the ticket to your custom barn package selection.

What you are using the building for will help in choosing your DIY building style: gable, monitor, single slope, gambrel, “salt-box” or even hipped roof design.

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Custome Designed Monitor Pole BuildingOnce you have your homework done on what your county will approve, this is the time to call one of our Building Designers at 1-866-200-9657. They will help walk you through the steps in designing your own building. From here on out, the options are virtually limitless. How you are using your custom building determines what features you may want to consider. Start with the outside. Roofing and siding materials can be selected early on if you have a preference. Board and batten, T1-11, lap siding, half log artificial siding, vinyl or steel…any of these are available with our barn packages. You can also have your custom building sheeted with osb in preparation for self purchased materials such as real log siding, brick or stucco. Roofing choices include tile, standard or architectural shingles in various colors, and steel is always a favored choice which boasts low maintenance, durability and green characteristics. 29 or 26 gauge steel in standard with the option of 26 gauge standing seam (concealed fastener) roofing. Both options have over 17 colors to choose from.

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Again, what are you going to put in your building? That will help to determine what size and type of doors you will need, windows and perhaps eavelights. Overheads, sliding doors, carriage and dutch doors have a wide variety of sizes and colors. Entry doors are top of the line painted with steel jambs that won’t warp or require painting. Will you need your building insulated? This is the great part about getting to design your own building. You can select the level of insulation you really need ranging from “cold storage only” (vapor barrier in roof to prevent condensation included), to fully insulated with high R value foam, fiberglass batt insulation or even blown in insulation. Ventilation can easily be added with enclosed overhangs, venting the ridge cap and optional gable vents.

Add as many options or few when you design your own building. Wainscot, custom designed windows, stall kits for horses, garage door openers, cupolas and so much more! Your barn package is truly a DIY building. If you have 20 minutes to spend with a Building Designer, we guarantee you will get a quote on a truly customized pole building design in just minutes. Your Building. Your Way. We guarantee it!

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