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Stepped Gable Roof DesignProbably the most practical roof design for any residential building is the gable roof style. This has the typical peaked endwalls, where the water runs off the two opposing sidewalls. This pole building design is the quickest and easiest to build, often with prefabricated trusses for quick assembly. Don’t let the simplicity of a gable roof fool you. There are many variations on the roof alone to turn this residential building into a real showcase!

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The first thing which can be done to a gable building is to vary the slope or the “pitch” of the gable roof itself. The most common roof slope is 4/12, but anything from 1/12 to 12/12 is possible. The steeper the slope, the more complicated the truss design, which means the price goes up as well. It also makes installation of roofing materials more difficult. If you are trying to get snow to easily slide off your roof, a steeper roof design is in order and often 5/12 to 7/12 is a standard. Steel will be your first choice in this case as well, for quick and painless snow removal! Standard or architectural shingles are among the many choices for roofing materials, or even standing seam steel.

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Gable Roof Building - Traditional RoofA consideration in pole building design is whether to put in attic trusses, or design for a taller eave height to easily accommodate a second story. In many cases, depending on the slope of the roof and the width of the building, simply ordering a taller building is a less expensive pole building design than trying to carve out a second story by making the roof design steeper. Don’t forget there is a bottom chord (horizontal member) on the truss. Thinking you will get a second story out of a 12’ tall eave height by using the “peaked gable roof space” is a common mistake. However, with adequate planning for use of as much of the gable roof area in your pole building design as possible, you can turn much of “wasted space” into “useable space”. Want to have a view from the upper story? Not a problem, with adding one or more dormers with windows and shutters for a modern look.

Pole building design can have many variations. One common way to turn a simple gable roof into a showstopper is to rotate one of the gable ends 90 degrees so you now have a peaked “end” on the sidewall! Take a look at what this does to a classic gable roof design. Turning one of the gable ends helps to open up the upper story inside your residential building – often used as the upstairs loft area of a house or office.

Gracing the gable roof design is easy with various sizes and styles of overhangs. Either open or enclosed overhangs can be used on a gable style roof, depending on what type of look and function you are trying to achieve. Open overhangs will be closed to the elements, but have no venting. Enclosed overhangs have level return vented soffits for maximum air flow, with your choice of colors in aluminum soffit materials. Add a “stepped” overhangs or even a “turkey tail” and you have a fresh look giving your pole building design a character all of its own.

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