Pole Barn Planning Guide

Plan ahead for your next pole barn

You need a new building but don’t know how to get started? From a garage or shop building, a new home or airplane hangar, to an equipment barn, equestrian arena or commercial building, we have a step by step pole building planning guide to assist you. Hansen Buildings are all wood framed and steel , vinyl or metal sided pole barn packages. Hansen Buildings will help you every step of the way.

Start with these two simple pole barn planning steps:

1. Request a Free Building Quote – if you haven’t already. Quotes are normally processed within 24 to 48 hours. Call us if you need a quote quicker and we will have an experienced Building Designer give you a price over the phone, most of the time. If you have an atypical design or features (ex: odd sized door, unique building design), the quote may take an extra day or two.

2. View our Free Pole Building Planning Guide to help you gather essential site information, help you budget your steel building kit, and keep you on point throughout the entire building process.

What is in the pole barn planning guide?

From building site preparation to asking all the “right questions” of your local Planning and Building Departments, it gives you a planning outline to follow. This easy to use worksheet can be used for all wood framed pole buildings to help guide you to a successful and sensational pole building project.

Why should I use this?

Understanding the process of having a pole building or pole barn constructed and how to build a pole building is, in our opinion, 80% of the project. Other than your home or vehicle, a pole barn kit will likely be the largest purchase you will ever make. While it only makes sense you would want the process to go smoothly, most people spend more time planning a one week vacation than they do making their new pole building plans.

Before you buy any of a myriad of pole barn kits or pole building packages, you need to answer some very basic questions about how you plan to use your pole building. Is it a new riding arena or stall barn? A home, garage or church? A metal pole barn for storage or an equipment barn? Many people forget their pole building is there to serve their needs. Making pole barn plans to fit those needs, is crucial. If you don’t define what those needs are, you really don’t know what will work for you. You can avoid most mistakes if you will just take some time to determine what you really want your pole building to do for you.

Here are some basic pole building planning basics:

  • What’s this building going to do for you? Not what it is – a workshop, storage, garage, business, church, airplane hangar – but what will it do? What in your life will be better if you construct your new pole building?
  • What size building do you think you will need?
  • What door sizes will you need? Overhead doors or sliding doors?
  • Where should you place the doors? On the sides or on the ends?
  • What overall appearance do you like? What colors?
  • Will you need financing?

We hope the Pole Building Planning Guide will help you find the answers to all your questions, and be fully prepared for your new pole building. Go ahead. Print it out and use it to plan your building.

Then fill out the Free Building Quote Form, or use the Contact Page to call us for a direct quote over the telephone. We are available many evenings and weekends to answer your questions and assist you in planning your new pole building.

Congratulations! If you’ve completed the form, you’ve already done the hardest part – the planning.

Are there several “blanks” on your form?

Call us at our toll-free number: 1-866-200-9657.

Or use the Contact Page to send us an e-mail. Most questions will be answered within 48 hours. Good Luck with your new building!

Check out our Pole Barn Planning Guide.