Agricultural Buildings

Pole barn structures provide a simple, economical solution for all of your agricultural storage building needs. Agricultural pole barns are affordable, durable, and easy to construct—for a minimal up-front time and monetary investment, you’ll have storage space and protection for your farm essentials for decades. Here are just a handful of the things an agricultural pole building can be used for:

Our agricultural pole barn kits come in a range of sizes, with many design options to choose from. Request a free quote to begin the process of ordering a customized agricultural pole building for your property.

Farm Buildings

Farm BuildingWhen you need to add new storage buildings to your farm, pole barn structures are the way to go. Every kit is put together using post frame construction methods with high-grade lumber and poles treated to withstand aging and weather. Our agricultural storage buildings also use double trusses for extra strength and flexibility.

Making a new farm storage building with a pole kit requires fewer resources than traditional construction methods, which lowers the cost per square foot. If you need large door openings and a lot of open space to move around in, you won’t have to worry about racking up expenses. Most of our agricultural pole barns are able to span up to 100 feet wide, with sliding doors 36 feet wide or more, and don’t include interior poles, maximizing the space inside.

Every post frame farm building will be constructed with high grade lumber with poles treated to withstand the test of time. Need large door openings and open space to move around – not a problem. Most buildings have no interior poles with the ability to span up to 100 feet wide and sliding doors 36 feet wide or more. Move equipment in your pole barn with ease. Our farm buildings use double trusses for added strength and added flexibility. A new agricultural building can be constructed with fewer resources than tradtional construction methods which lowers cost per square foot of usable space.

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Barn Kits

Pole Barn - Horse Barn KitsKeep your animals safe and comfortable by using an agricultural pole building as a horse barn or livestock housing. Whether you need a simple lean-to or a large boarding facility with numerous stalls, we can help you design a building that’s right for both you and your animals.

Both the layout and the appearance of your agricultural pole barn kit are fully customizable. You can order your building in a monitor or gambrel style and add cupolas or a widow’s walk for extra flavor. If you need more storage space, we have pole and rafter designs that make it easy to add a loft.

Ventilation is important when designing a structure for animal care. Vented ridges and gable vents are the most affordable options when designing your building, but we also highly recommend vented overhangs.

Quality Barn Kits and Farm Buildings

  • We guarantee the lowest price barn for equal quality and features. Got an agricultural building quote at a lower price for the same building? Provide it to your designer and we will either match the price or re-quote a similar building.
  • Step by step instructions in a fully illustrated manual and stamped engineered plans included to guarantee your structural farm building permit.
  • Unlimited barn kits – Change your design, style and colors as many times as you like until time of purchase. We want you to have the building of your dreams that fits your budget.

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Building Your Agricultural Pole Building

Pole barn structures are some of the easiest buildings to construct, so you can put your farm storage building or horse barn up fast. The whole process, from getting your first quote to applying the finishing touches, can be completed in a matter of weeks if necessary. Putting your building together yourself isn’t just quick but cost-effective too. We’ll provide detailed step-by-step instructions to guide you through construction, but if you need more help, we can send one of the local contractors in our network over for support.

Before you finalize your order, you’re welcome to change your design, style, and colors as many times as you like. If you receive a lower quote for the same building somewhere else, let us know—we’ll either match their price or provide another quote for a similar building. We want you to have the best possible building that meets both your needs and your budget.

We look forward to helping you create your ideal agricultural pole building. Start by getting your free quote today.

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