Storage Buildings

If you are in the market for a practical solution in building a storage building but you desire street appeal, look no further! Hansen Buildings provides storage building units, all shapes and sizes, for a multitude of uses. Whether your new pole building is destined for equipment storage or renting self storage units to customers, your ultimate building design and dream can be achieved. Size is no problem, up to 100’ width for clearspan and wider with interior columns. Building a storage building to any length is only limited by the size of your property and the size of your pocketbook!
Equipment Storage Building

Steel liner panels are available for finishing off the interior for equipment storage needs of machinery and equipment clean up and washing. Welding and other inside manufacturing or machine work also are made firesafe by steel liner panels which come in both 29 and 26 gauge steel, along with 17 popular colors.

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Commercial storage buildings are practical and just plain smart solutions for safeguarding machinery, equipment, and materials. Heavy road machinery can be safely stored inside a sturdy pole building, with security from vandalism. A storage building also provides a clean, well lit area for machinery repairs, where expensive parts and tools can be stored. Mining and industrial equipment comes with a tremendous price tag. A building storage unit will quickly pay for itself with dollars saved on replacement costs, not just for the machinery but for everything stored inside.

Speaking of saving money on your storage building, how about windows? Discover the huge lighting advantage of eavelights, along with the security features. Opaque 3’ eavelights along one or both sidewalls come at a fraction of the cost of windows, without the risk of someone breaking in. Polycarbonate panels don’t crack, yellow or break, guaranteed to give lifetime use and value to your storage building.

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Self Storage Unit

Your pole building can be designed with heavy road machinery, mining equipment, construction and industrial equipment in mind. Pole building designs can include roof truss systems to support large bi-fold or hydraulic doors. Hansen works hand in hand with the door manufacturers to ensure your storage building has the correct loading for the door, and the door is right for your equipment storage needs.

Looking for an extra income channel? Building storage units to rent on unused property can result in low maintenance continuous income. Units can be simple, with the shell, concrete floor and an overhead door. Or they can include insulated and drywalled space with electricity and even plumbing. At the height of imagination, self storage units have included a bathroom and resulted in men using them for their man caves!

Besides being long lasting and durable, Hansen storage buildings can be as plain or remarkably attractive as any other commercial building. The only limits are your imagination and your budget! Keep it simple with no overhangs and a straight rectangular box style. Or dress it up with enclosed overhangs, brick or stone wainscot and maybe a lighted cupola or two, which doubles for roof venting. And don’t forget the weathervane on top to complete the picture!

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