Hobby Buildings


Day jobs are what we do to get by, but hobbies reflect who we really are. There’s nothing more rewarding than pursuing an interest or completing a project simply because you wanted to do it for yourself. If you need a dedicated space where you can concentrate on your hobbies in peace, look into a hobby building pole barn from Hansen Pole Buildings.

Whether you’re looking for a new building to store your classic cars or antiques, a workshop for woodworking and DIY projects, or extra space to store gear that no longer fits in your house, one of our custom-designed pole building kits is sure to meet your needs. Getting a free quote only takes a few minutes—just give us an idea of what your dream hobby building would look like and we’ll take care of the rest. Find out why so many hobbyists choose Hansen Pole Buildings to create space for their passions.


If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

There are a wide variety of hobbies to take part in, some of which only need a small private space while others may require a larger building, and Hansen Pole Buildings can custom design the best pole building for to meet your requirements. Our custom pole building solutions are designed from the inside out with the user in mind.

For the hobbyist looking for a private man cave consider one of our detached garage kits where you can indulge in your hobbies away from any stress and have a relaxing space to retreat to. Our prefab garages can be custom designed to create the ideal space for your hobby and fit with your individual style.

Post Frame ShopFor the hobbyist seeking a more expansive space to work on and show off their favorite toys then having their very own large garage building is the perfect solution where they can take strolls down their aisles of cars, tractors and more and make plenty of noise with their machinery all while avoiding any disturbance to anyone inside of the house.

If you know you’re in dire need of a hobby space, but aren’t sure which design would be best suited for your needs, then view our building gallery for an idea.

Following the decision of your pole building size and dimensions you can start thinking of your aesthetic customizations. One of the best features of our pole buildings is they can be easily customized to your wants and needs, the only thing that can hold you back is your own imagination. Your pole building can be installed with siding and roofing that matches the exterior of your home and can be finished with drywall, concrete or hardwood floors, and even more interior customizations to make it truly your building to house your passion.

Putting Your Hobby Building Together

Once you’ve designed your building to your specifications and completed your order, we’ll ship your customized pole barn kit with blueprints included. The clear instructions and lightweight materials make constructing a pole barn easy for anyone—a hobbyist will have a blast. If you decide you need help, however, a member of our local contractor network will be happy to assist. When you’ve finished putting your hobby building together, you’ll have a sturdy, reliable place to concentrate on your interests for years to come.

Order Your Hobby Building Now

You’re only a few steps away from having your own building to dedicate to your passions. Get started by filling out our online contact form for a free quote, or speak with a pole building designer by calling 1-866-200-9657. Having more time and space for your hobbies is a wonderful thing, and Hansen Pole Buildings is happy to help.


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