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Roof Only - Covered StorageA roof only building is what most people call a hay barn, and while storing hay is certainly a common purpose for this kind of building, there’s a whole lot more it can be used for. Sun, rain, snow, and hail take their toll on tractors and other expensive machinery, so a freestanding roof only building is an excellent place to store these under cover. How about piles of wood? It will last longer and burn much easier when it’s kept dry under a roof.

When you need a new hay barn and want it fast, look no further than Hansen Pole Buildings. Our custom-designed pole barn kits make it easy to order and construct a roof only building, either freestanding or attached to an existing structure, that meets your exact requirements. Get a free quote today!

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Advantages of Roof Only Buildings

Hay Barn

Storage is a breeze with a freestanding roof only lean-to building. They’re simple to put together, they provide easy access to your equipment or resources, and they prevent the loss of hay and wood due to rotting and spoilage.

Don’t rely on tarps or flimsy covers that will blow away in a gust of wind to protect your belongings, and definitely don’t count on a standard open-sided agricultural building. Uplift on a poorly constructed open storage building is a serious problem—a windy day can pull these buildings out of the ground and send them flying like a kite to your neighbor’s yard.

A roof only pole building, on the other hand, will stay put because of poles firmly fixed to the ground with concrete. Pole barns made from Hansen Pole Buildings kits are designed to withstand wind, snow, and seismic loads, and they can always be built according to your local building codes.

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Customize Your Roof Only Building

All of our pole building kits can be custom-designed to meet your exact specifications and preferences. Want extra protection on one side of your hay barn? No problem—you can enclose any of the four sides with a siding of your choice. Steel siding is resilient against nature and requires very little upkeep, if any.

The endwall trusses and overhangs are also fully trimmed in steel, eliminating the need to replace rotted wood or chipped paint. You can also ask for reflective insulation to prevent condensation issues inside the building. Both 26- and 29-gauge steel are available in 17 colors.

Take a look at our gallery to see a few examples of roof only pole buildings.

Order Your Roof Only Building Now

Fill out our online contact form or call 1-866-200-9657 to start ordering your customized roof only pole barn building kit. We’ll ship your kit to you with building plans sealed by one of our licensed engineers. Your pole barn should be simple to construct on your own, but if you need extra help, we’ll send a local contractor to see you through.

It won’t take long for you to get your hands on the perfect hay barn. Contact Hansen Pole Buildings today!

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