Building Styles

At Hansen Buildings you can choose from your choice of gable roof, monitor roof, gambrel or even custom roof designs. Let your imagination run wild while you create the DIY building of your dreams. From a simple gable roof garage to a complex roof design your building designer will show you the advantages of different roof designs. Looking to just see some examples of different pole barn designs? Check out our building style gallery to view some pole building photos.

Gable Roof Design

Pole Barn DesignsThe traditional gable roof is the most commonly requested roof design. This simple truss is effective and affordable. With slopes commonly requested between 2/12 and 8/12 the gable roof design is the workhouse of most pole barn designs. You will see the gable roof used for all building functions – garages, shops, homes, barns…and more. If you you have a tight budget and are looking for a standard diy building this is the roof design for you.

Monitor Roof Design

Monitor Roof Design - Pole BarnThe monitor roof is sort of a by product of the gable roof. This pole barn design works great for horse barns and RV storage. With its tall center section the monitor building allows for tall objects in the center or doors on both ends that allow vehicles to drive through. This building is also a popular horse barn because of how the layout works great with stall kits. If you are looking for an effective horse barn this may be the best building design for you. This building is available in clearspan or interior pole supported options. If this design hasn’t already shown it’s flexibility of uses think of adding a center loft. We have many examples of beautiful homes created using the monitor roof design.

Gambrel Roof Design

Gambrel Roof Design - Steel BuildingOne of the more rarely requested roof designs is the gambrel roof. Although it may come at a slightly higher cost per square foot than other roof designs, the gambrel building can be a popular look. Being one of the older pole barn designs the gambrel building adds some character to your next diy building project. Look into our cupolas or widows peak options – pairing well with the gambrel roof.

Custom Building Designs

Didn’t see the building style you are interested in listed here? No problem…We can do any design you can throw at us or a combination of pole barn designs to make your ideal building a reality. Some of the other popular roof designs are single slope or lean-to buildings and hipped roofs. Single slopes are typically used for animal shelters and simple sheds. The hipped roof is more commonly seen on residential homes and garages and is similar to the gable roof.

Welcome to – offering many pole barn designs and layout ideas. Select from our popular gable roof, monitor roof, gambrel roof or any other roof design imaginable. For the fastest building quote, click on the free building quote to submit your DIY building package needs. Or, call (866) 200-9657 toll free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to leave your information. Most quotes are completed in 24 to 48 hours.