Simpson Drive Screws

Simpson  SD#9112 Screws

Our clients tend to build great relationships with the Hansen Pole Buildings’ Wizardess of Deliveries…Justine. Due to this, she fields more than a few questions from clients which should be directed to our Technical Support Department. Justine has learned enough, however, so she has the ability to answer a plethora of the questions which come her way.

Here is one from just this morning:

“Good Morning Justine,

 I have a question about building fasteners. I looked at the plans and see they spec a LU24,LU26, LU28, H1 and LSTA12 for the Hangers/ connectors. These would normally take a 10d 1-1/2″ hanger nail. I see that Simpson Strong tie makes a screw #SD9112 that meets the specs for all the connectors that I’ll be using. Does engineering have any issue using these specific screws instead of nails?


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Simpson Drive Screws, you can read more about them here:

Personally I adore clients like David. They are on the ball about coming up with solutions – which is why Hansen Pole Buildings is what it is today – we listen to clients who offer good ideas founded in fact. We take every even semi-practical solution to heart, doing an analysis as to does it make our buildings better, easier to construct and without insurmountable added costs.

I truly like screws. When I did the framing portion of the remodel of our home near Spokane, Washington, I used screws to assemble everything. In the long run it was faster, allowed for changes without destroying materials and I saved my left thumbnail.

There is no  problem with using Simpson Drive Screws to replace 10d common nails when specified for Simpson connectors  – one should use the 1-1/2″ part 9112 for applications where screwing into 1-1/2″ (single 2x) and 9212 for screwing into 2 members (like hangers into the interior double trusses).
Here is where I get myself into hot water by suggesting Hansen Pole Buildings increase our inventory. My recommendation to Justine (and Eric, the Managing Partner) is we can buy these in bulk from Simpson and then offer them as an option after the sale – or even better program them into the Instant Pricing™ and just include them. It would be a heck of a sales tool, in my humble opinion.

Reading this article and have an opinion? We would love to hear from you….is this a benefit which would be of interest to you on your new post frame building?

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  1. Regarding your blog about Simpson Drive Screws in place of nails: I’m a serious amateur woodworker as well as a civil engineer. I use screws anywhere I can, and that’s almost everywhere. They don’t pull out, yet I can back them out whenever I want for the inevitable changes. I’ll gladly pay extra to use screws instead of nails every time. If I can’t get them from you, I’ll order them online.


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