Pole Building Options and …Jaguars?!

As a youngster, I heard stories about my parents doing road races in my Dad’s Jaguar. I’d seen photos of the two of them and as a result, having a Jaguar of my own became a goal.

Early in 1988, I had determined it was time for a new car. I was living in the Willamette Valley of Oregon at the time, so we went to Portland to car shop. We test drove a Porsche, a Mercedes, a BMW and lastly a Jaguar XJ6. Now this Jaguar was the smoothest car I had ever driven, had power to burn and was so quiet inside, traffic outside could not be heard. I was sold.

Sitting across the table from the salesman, I told him I wanted to order every possible option – I figured I was only going to do this one time, so I was going to do it right. A $50,000 auto in 1988 was a lot of auto and I was not going to take shortcuts. I even ordered the true spoke wheels!

Part of the purchase is at 1,000 miles the dealership does a complete service of everything – checks it all out to make sure all is perfect. As I drove into the service bay, the department manager met me and asked how I liked the car. I told him, “I love it; it is the best ride ever. I do have one question though…” The question was, I had figured out everything on the car, knew how it all worked, had near memorized the owner’s manual, yet there was a rocker switch on the dashboard, which appeared to do nothing! So, I asked the service manager about it.

His response, “It’s for the optional driving lights, which you did not purchase!”

Obviously there was something the salesman missed in our conversation…and price was certainly not going to be my objection.

You get one chance to design your new building to be either right, or wrong. Many decisions you make will be permanent, they either cannot be changed, or would be too costly to change.

Besides the opinions and suggestions of your personal Building Designer, Hansen Buildings offers many methods to educate yourself about how to arrive at your ideal dream pole building. The pictures in our photo gallery will give you an idea of what others have done in the past. Our newsletters provide a plethora of information on what different pole building options are available, as well as how to best design your building, your way. The free downloadable planning guide offers a checklist of items to consider. There are even sample plans to look at, to get an idea of what it takes to construct a pole building.

Lastly, read these blog posts – many of the topics go into a lot of detail, on sometimes rarely considered topics. The idea is to give you food for thought, to allow your mind to expand, and to indeed consider all your pole building options.  Only then will you rest assured your new building is truly…. the building of your dreams.

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