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Are YOU a Potential Hansen Buildings’ Client?

Please note, I use “client” rather than “customer”. 

A customer is someone who buys a commodity from a shop.  A client is a person or company receiving a service from a professional person or organization in return for payment.

Unfortunately, too many future barndominium, shouse and post frame building owners are either unable or unwilling to spot differences between a well-designed building and one barely (or even perhaps not) meeting construction standards.

And when things go awry (as can happen in construction), all too often fingers get pointed everywhere except at the person who did not do their homework prior to purchase.

“The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™”

Long time readers will recall my saga of purchasing a Jaguar XJ6 in 1988 (https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2011/12/pole-building-options-and-jaguars/). 

I wanted ‘it all’ and was willing to pay a goodly price in order to get it all.

When we at Hansen Pole Buildings talk about delivering “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™” we are absolutely serious about it.

It is why we want to talk personally with every client, not just send a plethora of emails and text messages back-and-forth. 

Why? Because none of us know…what we don’t know.

When I am shopping for a big ticket item – I want to speak to experts, and I expect expert advice. Just like the dashboard switch on my Jaguar, I don’t want to find out later on there is something I could have (or worse should have) done to have had an ideal end result.

We expect to deliver good old-fashioned personalized service and we hope you have an expectation of anyone you hire doing an exceptional job.

I am always heart broken when a client goes elsewhere and orders a new building.


About Hansen BuildingsBecause I know in my heart-of-hearts they will end up getting less of a building than they expected or deserved, and paying too much for what they settled for.  Sadly, companies with common names in our industry rely on their name to sell buildings, and not on the quality of their product. I’ll give them credit for doing a great marketing job. But are your needs quickly and responsibly serviced? Do you get your quote back without so much as a conversation about what you think you need? And does their sales staff really try to fit a building to your wants and needs and not shove your needs into one of their standard buildings? Think about it!

Regardless of whom you ultimately pick as your new building supplier – begin in a proper frame of mind. Throw out any preconceived notions about what your new building dimensions ‘should’ be, and instead, focus on what is needed to create your ideal dream building – one which will function as ably 10 or 40 years from now, as it does on completion day. And make darn sure your building supplier is designing your building to fit you, not you to their building.

Share with your Building Designer what problems your new building will solve for you. Discuss what this building absolutely must house and be used for, as well as what it might also do for you. And not just for today – imagine you can get out a crystal ball and look into the future.

Engage “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience™”.

You’ll be glad you did.