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PEX-AL-PEX Tubing for Post Frame Concrete Slabs

PEX-AL-PEX Tubing For Post Frame Concrete Slabs

Long time readers will recall my prior article on PEX tubing for post frame concrete slabs: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2016/08/pex-tubing/.

I caught up with my friend Les Graham of Radiant Outfitters at the recent NFBA (National Frame Building Association) Expo in Louisville, who I volunteered to do a nice video in regards to better floor tubing and better floor heat.

Besides providing your complete post frame building kit package, Hansen Pole Buildings can also provide a complete kit package for your radiant floor with everything you will need to get your system into a concrete slab on grade (including layout drawings and instructions).  Talk to your Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designer at (866)200-9657.

Converting a Pole Barn to a Residence

Reader BAILEE in LARAMIE writes:

“Hi, I have a few questions about the structure of turning a pole barn to a residence in the Laramie, Wyoming area. The current project I am working on has pole spacing of about 10-12 feet. I wanted to know if this is still structurally stable with traditional framing with the wind in Wyoming? If not, would it be wise to double the sidewall girts for more support within the walls? Also, if we were to use the traditional framing with 8 foot spacing would that be stable?

Next, do you have any window diagrams that detail the insulation and wall construction within residential pole barns that your company would be able to share?

Please let me know. Thanks for any help that you can provide.”

Mike the Pole Barn Guru Answers:

As to the structural stability of any post frame building, anywhere – it depends upon the climactic conditions to which the building was designed by its engineer of record (EOR). If this is an existing building, you may have some challenges, as most “pole barns” are at best designed as Risk Category I buildings – which pose little or no threat to human life in the event of a catastrophic situation. Residential buildings are to be designed to Risk Category II, which increases the needed design wind and snow loads.

In the event you are installing an interior finish other than steel liner panels (most folks sort of enjoy gypsum wallboard taped and textured) members which support these types of finishes need to be designed for far less deflection. Back to in the event this is an existing building – the EOR should be consulted to determine which members need to be upgraded to meet with your now intended use of the building. Under no circumstance attempt to do this without the consultation of an EOR, it is not worth risking the wellbeing of yourself or your loved ones.


If you are starting from scratch – invest in a building kit package which has been designed by a registered design professional (architect or engineer) who has clearly been advised as to your intended use of the building. The plans they provide will call out all of the members and framing details necessary to give you an end resultant which you and the generations which follow you can enjoy.


For a small nominal fee, you can invest in a Hansen Pole Buildings’ Construction Guide, the price of which can be credited towards your purchase of one of our complete post frame building kits. Contact Bonnie@HansenPoleBuildings.com if this is of interest to you.

Why We Do Not Recommend Any Builders

Hansen Pole Buildings receives numerous requests every day from potential new post frame building owners, who are looking for a builder (in my terms technician) who can assemble their building kit. I am going to do both of us a favor and explain why we do not recommend any builders.

Hansen Pole Buildings is a supplier and a supplier only. We do not construct buildings anywhere for anyone – even ourselves. Our new post frame building addition of 30 feet x 96 feet is being contracted out to a technician, who happens to do erection work for several of our clients. When you order your new post frame building from us this is clearly reiterated in writing and approved by you:


“Purchaser is purchasing a materials only pole (post frame) building package, designed per Seller’s plans. This is not a precut building, nor is the structural design to be determined by Purchaser or Purchaser’s agents. Assembly, by Purchaser or Purchaser’s agents, including measuring, cutting and the use of tools, will be required. Some components may come all or partially assembled (e.g., entry doors are most often shipped as pre-hung), however most items (such as, but not limited to, sliding and overhead doors) require the assembly of sub-components. Steel roofing, siding and trims often require cutting and/or splicing. It is the discretion of Purchaser or Purchaser’s agents to utilize the materials provided so as to minimize splices, as well as the creation of waste or scrap. No overage of any materials is provided for in this Agreement.”

Good clear agreements make for good neighbors. We do not want anyone to have their feelings hurt due to a misunderstanding.

Upon request, once you have ordered your new post frame building kit package, we can assist you in finding the names and contact information of two or more possible builders who can construct within your predetermined budget – however it is totally your responsibility to vet them out. Here are the seven steps to not getting yourself burned by any contractor, follow these: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2013/07/contractor-6/ and require a performance bond and you will greatly limit your risk of not getting the finished product you expected. Here is Performance Bond information: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2012/07/contractor-bonding/.

In a past life, I was a post frame building contractor based in the Pacific Northwest. We were blessed with many totally awesome subcontract crews who did great workmanship, as well as were good at building quality relationships with our clients.

Even with these excellent crews, it seems like about once a year they would absolutely “hose” (technical term for FUBAR) a building. I’d ask them why and the answer was typically they had no idea, just that it went wrong.

I share this because you might very well contract with the builder who has the best reputation for quality and has a fair price. Same builder could have one of those weeks coincide with your building and result in a less than satisfactory experience. We (and I) would prefer not to become a mediator for problems we had no hand in causing, even more so since we had no financial interest in the agreement between you and your builder of choice.

Not my circus, not my monkeys.

When Everything Doesn’t Go Perfect Part II

When Everything Doesn’t Go Perfect (and the sky falls) Part II

To refresh your memory a bit, we had a client recently email us a letter outlining some of his challenge in getting his building project going.

Read yesterday’s blog for Part I of this client’s challenges with his building project.

Nothing but problems seemingly is a fairly global statement. However we do take your comments very seriously and always begin with the assumption we did something wrong.

Materials not delivered per plan – unbeknownst to us our lumber supplier upgraded some of your pressure preservative treated columns from 4×6 to 6×6, at no additional cost to you. Yes, this results in needing 2×8 dimensional lumber for your 12′ x 14′ overhead door. Your online login on our website allows you (and any of our clients) to quickly and easily report any discrepancies in materials between what was ordered and what was received. In investigation, I see you have successfully utilized this system twice with materials being promptly provided. I do not see a record of reporting a difference in column size between what was on your plans and what was received. You will not have to invest in any additional 2×8, as Justine (whom you have been dealing with via both phone and email) will see to it you are taken care of.

The 2×6 flat spacer between the shed rafters is merely there to provide backing for any roof screws which will happen to fall within this area, and as such it is only important for them to be nailed tightly in alignment with any purlin rows. If the columns do indeed measure greater than 5-1/2″, and small gaps between the spacer and the rafters occurring at the top and bottom of the rafter appear to be overly unsightly to you, the rafters could be notched into the columns slightly. Any gaps will not negatively affect the structural performance of your building.

Conversely, the spacers could be cut to the dimension of the columns, and placed as blocking directly in alignment with the rows of purlins.

I did inquire of Justine as to your reported delivery concerns, as well as verified the information provided by her from the rather copious notes in your record. Here is what was reported:

The only same form client has probably received is the automated one which advises “your material deliveries are set up”  And he has never been told he had to take deliveries if they called 24 hours in advance other than the steel and the lumber.  Reason being is the steel is on a route truck and the lumber leaves from Colorado (side bar from me here – we use only kiln dried lumber in our buildings, which is near impossible to acquire in client’s state) .  But I told him when it would be leaving which was several days prior and the driver would call once loaded to set up with him directly.  And they did.  I also emailed him letting him know 24 hours prior as to when he wanted to deliver.  The only issue was the driver didn’t inform him when he ran behind an hour and half.

I also did inform client previously he would need to off load the lumber as it comes on a flat bed.  I emailed Client on June 30 around 1pm, “the driver was loading his lumber up and was looking at late tomorrow afternoon.  And if this would work out for him to off load the lumber.  If it didn’t I could put it out a bit if it works better.”

“He didn’t respond until 5pm that day and said he got a call asking for an 8am delivery.  And that he approved it this time and He understands he needs a forklift.  He would be ready.”

He wanted materials staged in a certain order with specific dates, and I told him though I request certain dates and order they don’t always happen in order because of each vendors separate schedules and availability.   I had gone over the process of deliveries with him over the phone and via email May 12, May 17 and June 17.

Steel did give a 24 hour prior notice and did arrive the week prior, as the requested load date on our order form was for the 19th.  I am not sure why they sent sooner.  Though I told him on the 17th of May I would request each vendor to give at least 48 hour notice.  As well on the same email I advised him “Time frames, if the vendor calls you and doesn’t give enough notice or doesn’t work in your schedule let them know and often times they can move things around to help accommodate this.”

Hansen_BuildingsPlease keep in mind, we are an internet business. We are able to keep costs low by utilizing technology for communication as often as possible. This assures every client of their messages being clearly understood. An individual login affords each client the opportunity to be able to report damaged, missing or otherwise different items being delivered than expected. It also allows a client the ability to request (via email) unlimited free technical support seven days a week.

In the Terms and Agreements which govern your building kit package investment and which you agreed to: This is an INTERNET PURCHASE and, as such, any and all communications after purchase will be available to Purchaser ONLY via log-in at Seller’s website. Handling and/or service charges apply to forms of communication other than via log-in to Seller’s website, at current staff rates. Seller may contact Purchaser from time to time regarding this transaction.”

By the notes in your record, it does appear you have had numerous phone conversations with Justine, who is the person who responsible for your order fulfillment. As a courtesy you have not been invoiced for any handling and/or service charges for these calls.

If the salesman has indeed forgotten you, it is because it is his mission to assist you through the design phases of your building. Once you have made your investment, we have a skilled team of persons who do nothing but see your materials arrive in a complete and intact fashion. Involvement of your salesperson would only insert another person into the mix, who does not have the answers you are seeking. This could effectively delay communication and deliveries even further.

In the event I have failed to address any of your concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Again, I appreciate the time taken by each and every client to assist us in improving the one thing most clients’ complaints seem to boil down to: communication. We constantly strive to change things to ensure every client has a smooth and happy pole building experience. One thing I do know from my past history of thousands of buildings, once the building is up and solving the client’s problem, he, and we, are once again in Happyland. There is nothing like a completed beautiful building to make the challenges of a large project drift into the distant past.

Can You Buy Local from Hansen Buildings?

We’ve all seen the buy local campaigns, but what does it really mean to buy local and what are the benefits?

Hansen Pole Buildings, if anything, are logistical wizards. We source the best available products, at competitive prices, with the least amount of transportation possible. This allows you to get the most pole building for your investment.

Our relationships with lumber and truss suppliers who are within miles of your building site, allow us to support your local economy. These may be the very same people you have also talked to about your new pole building kit package. There are some differences – pole buildings are ALL WE DO. We are experts. The good people at your local lumber yard and truss plant have to know a little bit, about lots and lots of things. The reality of our economy is – they cannot afford to have a pole barn specialist on hand. In many cases, if you were to order a building kit package from your local lumber supplier, you might be surprised to find we supplied it and the people you bought from marked up our price. We produce third party pole building kits for others in nearly every state!

You may ask, “How is it you can be price competitive buying from the very same people”? Selling thousands upon thousands of buildings allows us to negotiate prices from suppliers which the average public never dreamed of paying. We also have relationships with nearly every major provider in the country. We know who is going to be able to meet with our rigid quality standards at an affordable price.

Many times, we can deliver product direct from wholesalers in your area. These are people who you could never possibly buy from to begin with.

When you invest in your new Hansen Pole Building, those dollars going to your local lumber yards and truss suppliers keep your money in your community. This helps to grow your community.

We support charities which make a difference in local communities, such as the Rotary Foundation. Hansen Buildings gives discounts to qualified local charities all over the country.

Our team of Building Designers, as well as AutoCAD drafters and engineers, work from virtual office locations scattered across the country. These dollars are reinvested in local economies.

Let’s face reality, when you order from a “local” supplier, based in or near your town, the components they use were not all manufactured in your town. They were shipped in. Our advantage is we can reduce overall shipping by consolidating smaller items and hardware. This reduces freight costs, which would have added to your price at the bottom line, and conserves fuel and packaging, besides reducing pollution.

Because our staff are experts in what they do, we have more specific product expertise for better customer service.  We don’t ship the bulk of your building kit from our home office (lumber, trusses, siding and roofing materials), but from locations within your “local” area.  Bottom line is giving you the best price, and the best buy local service.