Pole Barn With Living Quarters

People who live in rural areas often enjoy building a pole barn with living quarters as their permanent home. Whether you want a pole barn with living quarters as your primary residence, to use as a recreational or vacation getaway, or simply as a way to live close to your horses, Hansen Pole Buildings can help you design the perfect living quarters in a pole barn.

What Is a Pole Barn With Living Quarters?

A pole barn with living quarters is a spacious and airy structure with high ceilings, an open interior, and no basement. You may hear pole barn buildings referred to as a barndominium, shouse, or barn/house. These terms generally refer to the same building concept — an open floor plan with poles as the pillars, open trusses for the roof, and a post-frame construction.

Today’s pole barns with living quarters have a sleek, modern appeal, and our building kits come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. Our design team works with you to determine your needs and create a custom barn/house.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build a Pole Barn With Living Quarters?

Pole barn with living quarters building kits can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $88,000 or more based on the size, style, and location. The price of a building kit depends on a variety of factors, including how many levels the home will have, the state and region, and added features. This type of building is more cost-effective than a traditional stick-frame or metal building because there are fewer materials needed to build the structure.

What To Consider When Designing a Pole Barn With Living Quarters

While a pole barn with living quarters building kit is easy to use, you still want to consider several variables before ordering, including:

  • The type of soil under the building. 
  • How much room you need for the barn and the living quarters. 
  • What kind of roofline you want. 
  • How many windows and doors you need.
  • If you want a single-level or two-story building.

When you work with our design team to customize your floor and elevation plans, they’ll be able to create all the specifications needed for your barn/house building kit. You can also use our Free Pole Building Planning Guide to help you with your planning needs.

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Pole Barn With Living Quarters Building Kits Advantages

One of the reasons people order pole barns with living quarters building kits from Hansen Pole Buildings is because of the many advantages, including:


Our building kits are not cookie-cutter designs; no two will look alike. You’ll work with our design team to customize the size, levels, materials, and colors so your pole barn home will be unique to your property. You can have as many windows as you want as long as they are structurally sound, have an inside staircase to your living loft if that’s part of your design, and finish the interior with drywall and hardwood floors like most modern houses. No matter what size or style you want, you can customize your pole barn home to fit your unique needs.


With a Hansen Pole Buildings kit, you won’t have to hire a contractor or builder to construct the building. We design all our building kits for easy assembly with clear, step-by-step instructions. When you receive your building kit, you’ll get all the materials needed, including detailed and engineered plans, windows, doors, siding, insulation, and flooring to easily construct your pole barn with living quarters.

Pole Barn With Living Quarters Building Kits Disadvantages

While pole barn buildings with a living space have great advantages, a couple of disadvantages include:

Size Limitations

We design our pole-building kits for one or two levels. If you need something taller than a two-story building, a pole barn with living quarters may not be the best choice.

Preparation Requirements

While you can assemble and construct your building with the appropriate tools, you may need to hire someone to prepare the site with heavy machinery. In addition, unless you have the knowledge, you’ll have to engage a contractor to run electrical and plumbing lines and install a septic tank, if applicable.

How Long Does a Pole Building With Living Quarters Building Take To Build?

Once you’ve prepared your building site and the kit arrives, you can begin constructing your pole building with living quarters right away. Many people find they can assemble the kit in a week or two. Then, after adding the finishing details, your barn/house is ready to move into.

About Hansen Pole Buildings

Hansen Pole Buildings is the country’s premier company specializing in post-frame building kits, including pole barn homes with living quarters and RV storage buildings. We can customize and create unique floor plans to meet your needs, and we offer a variety of financing options to help make your building project more affordable.

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