Georgia Pole Buildings and Barn Kits

pole barn kits and metal buildings for sale in georgia

Need a versatile building for your Georgia property? Hansen Pole Buildings specializes in creating durable and easy-to-construct building kits, meaning we can deliver a pole barn kit anywhere in Georgia for low prices. Constructing a pole building is quick and easy—while constructing a conventional building can take months, working with Hansen Pole Buildings means you could have a pole building on your Georgia property in a matter of weeks.

Popular Pole Barn Kits in Georgia

Pole barn builders in Georgia have used our kits to construct a variety of building types. Some of the more popular pole buildings in the Peach State are:

  • Pole Barn Homes
  • Horse Barns
  • Church Buildings
  • Carports

Pole Barn Homes

Affordable horse barn

Horse Barns

Church Buildings

Residential Carport













Hansen Pole Buildings Are Versatile, Convenient, and Durable

Hansen Pole Buildings is one of the leading manufacturers of pole buildings in Georgia and the United States. We always guarantee amazing service and affordable prices, as well as:


If you don’t see a pole barn kit that fits your needs, you can work with our designers to put together the pole building of your dreams.


As we said, we’re one of the top manufacturers of pole buildings in the country, meaning we have unmatched industry knowledge, skills, and techniques. Just ask our thousands of satisfied customers.


Whether it’s a residential building or a commercial structure you’re looking for, we have the materials and know-how to put together the right kit. Our Georgia pole building kits include steel, other metals, wood, and additional durable materials.

What Exactly Is a Pole Building?

Traditionally framed buildings are sturdy, but they require a complex, labor-intensive construction process. Pole buildings, however, are supported by columns anchored to a foundation or driven into the ground, which is a much simpler and faster process. Because we have a wide variety of pole barn kits for sale in Georgia, we can help you put together whatever type of building you need.

Why Build a Pole Barn in Georgia?

Rolling hills and abundant space, not to mention the subtropical climate, make Georgia a perfect place to build. As more and more businesses call Georgia home, the need for commercial and industrial buildings increases. Need a place to store and protect your machinery and equipment? A steel building kit is perfect for your Georgia enterprise. Want more ideas?

Garages or Sheds

Whether residential or commercial, we have the perfect wood or metal building for your Georgia home or business. Pole barn garages and sheds stand up to inclement weather, so your valuables will stay safe and protected no matter what.

Manufacturing Buildings

Manufacturing often means heavy machinery and the need for lots of space. Our durable, customizable pole buildings are a quick and easy way to set up shop.

Breweries and Restaurants

Tourism is a big part of the Georgia economy. A pole building is a great way to construct a restaurant or brewery structure with low overhead, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Don’t Want to Build It Yourself?

Although our pole building kits are easy to assemble, some of our customers would rather have help with construction. If you want assistance, we can connect you with pole barn builders in Georgia who have the experience and expertise to construct your pole building quickly and efficiently.

Hansen Pole Buildings is proud to offer a great selection, great service, and great prices—the best prices for pole barn kits in Georgia, in fact. Find something cheaper? We’ll match it. Call 1-866-200-9657 to get a custom quote for your ideal pole building.

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