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Gold Key of Excellence Award

Rural Builder Key of ExcellenceRural Builder magazine has sponsored the Gold Key of Excellence Award for 33 years. This award relies upon a ballot process which allows builders in the rural industry to vote for the companies which provide the best products and services time and time again.

The balloting process begins in late February each year, with the final selections announced in the July issue of Rural Builder.

In 2014, Rural Builder awarded to only 59 companies across the United States their Gold Key of Excellence.

Today I am proud to say I received an Email today from Sharon Thatcher, Editor of Rural Builder magazine, announcing the selection of Hansen Pole Buildings as a Gold Key of Excellence award winner for 2015. As such, Hansen Pole Buildings will be featured in July’s Rural Builder along with the other deserving recipients.

Part of what has allowed Hansen Pole Buildings to reach this pinnacle has been the relationships we have with other Gold Key of Excellence recipients, who are among our valued vendors and suppliers.

Among these (listed in order by the number of years they have received the Gold Key Award) are:

Plyco Corporation https://www.plyco.com/ – commercial steel entry doors

Fabral https://www.fabral.com – steel roofing and siding

Maze Nails https://www.mazenails.com – threaded hardened nails

American Building Components https://www.abcmetalroofing.com – steel roofing and siding

RigidPly Rafters https://www.rigidply.com – glulaminated columns

National Hardware https://www.natman.com – sliding door components

Leland Industries https://www.lelandindustries.com – powder coated screws

MWI Components https://www.mwicomponents.com – cupolas

Marco Industries https://www.marcoindustries.com – foam closures

Simpson Strong-Tie https://www.strongtie.com – joist hangers

Perma-Column https://www.permacolumn.com – brackets to anchor columns to foundations

Schweiss Doors https://www.bifold.com – hydraulic and bi-fold doors for hangars and agriculture

Thank you again to our vendors without whom we could not provide the high levels of quality and service which gained us the Gold Key of Excellence Award. And most of all, thank you to the builders and those who recognize the commitment made by Hansen Pole Buildings to provide each and every client with an exceptional post frame building experience.

Residential Pole Barns

Common Sense – It Isn’t Common Any More

As reported in the West Frankfort, Illinois Daily American, in an article posted November 12, 2014 by Leigh M. Caldwell:

“The much-discussed ordinance establishing codes for mobile homes, modular homes, portable buildings and pole barns will go back before city commissioners tonight for a vote.

West Frankfort’s Planning Commission has drafted a couple of different versions of the ordinance over the past few months, garnering much discussion and public comment.

As for portable buildings and pole barns, the proposed ordinance would ban them from being used as residences. Anyone wanting to build a so-called pole barn house would have to meet the requirements for residential structures.”

residential-homeFor the benefit of the unenlightened in West Frankfort (or anywhere else in the United States), “pole barns” are actually more technically “post frame buildings” and their construction is covered as Code Conforming in the International Codes.

It could be unlawful, as well as possibly unethical, for a jurisdiction to deny a Code conforming structural building system. However, as best I have been able to ascertain, to place limitations upon types of roofing and/or siding as well as even colors is certainly within a jurisdiction’s area of control.

Now if you are one who is faced with these types of limitations – keep in mind the folks who have enacted them were either elected by you, or appointed to positions by the folks you elected!

Regardless of the type of building system, whether it be stick framed (stud walls), masonry, concrete, straw bale, or yes – even pole barns – if it falls under residential pole barns, the International Residential Code (IRC) requirements must be adhered to.

The September 2014 Rural Builder Magazine recently focused upon residential pole barns, including the cover story which was authored by yours truly! To read more visit: https://www.constructionmagnet.com/post-frame-technique/post-frame-comes-home-part-i-brave-new-world-of-the-pole-barn-house