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How a Realtor Can Participate With Post-frame Barndominiums

Reader (and Realtor) JIM in NEW PALISTINE writes:

“How can I participate in the post-frame industry as a Realtor?   How do people develop their custom residential interior designs?   How are residential pole barn projects coordinated A-Z?

Okay, that was three.  Can you help me, please?”

Mike the Pole Barn Guru responds:

Post frame construction generally flies ‘under the radar’ as a design solution. Few people realize our industry is a multi-billion dollar a year one just in our country. Post frame offers affordable and unique design solutions for virtually any low rise building. Low rise being defined as up to and including three stories above grade with a maximum of 40 foot sidewalls (add a floor and 10 feet if equipped with fire suppression sprinklers). Modern fully engineered post frame buildings have moved off farms and are seen everywhere (often without people realizing they are post frame). Commercial buildings, strip malls, retail establishments, restaurants, fire houses, schools, churches and yes homes are all being designed and built as post frame.

How to best participate? Become an expert and let people know you are one – put it on your website, business cards, any promotional literature or videos. Residential post frame construction is evolving rapidly as people want to leave cities and flee to low tax, less governmental intervention regions of our nation – bringing forth a rise in what are affectionately known as barndominiums. Post frame homes are most often steel sided and roofed as this presents your most cost effective and durable option. However any types of siding and roofing may be utilized. Be on your lookout for rural properties where people can build on anything from a large lot to multiple acres, as there are plenty of folks looking for these parcels.

Post frame homes are less expensive to erect than stick frame, primarily due to foundation savings. For those willing and able to DIY some or all, these savings multiply. Having clients with a realistic expectation of investment certainly is a starting point: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2019/07/how-much-will-my-barndominium-cost/

Before getting crazy over floor plans is where you play a huge part: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2019/08/a-place-for-a-post-frame-barndominium/

Done right, barndominium interior designs begin with clients doing a bit of homework on their own to determine what spaces best meet with their needs as well as how big those spaces should be https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2019/09/room-in-a-barndominium/ and 


Only after land has been acquired and homework done, should floor plans be developed: http://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/post-frame-floor-plans/?fbclid=IwAR2ta5IFSxrltv5eAyBVmg-JUsoPfy9hbWtP86svOTPfG1q5pGmfhA7yd5Q

Processes for residential pole barns projects follow an identical path to stick frame, they just have building shells more quickly assembled.

To best participate, I would recommend you try to team with a General Contractor (or more than one) who is willing to embrace post frame construction as well as to work with clients who want to do some DIY work.

What is Return on Investment of Adding a Barn?

What is Return on Investment of Adding a Barn?

Reader STACY in HOBE SOUND poses an interesting question:

“What is the national average ROI of adding a barn?”

In the 1980’s my family and I lived in what was probably the nicest area of Salem, Oregon. Many of our neighboring homes (and ours) had been featured in home shows.  Our particular home was just over 3000 square feet (sft) spread across four levels.

During my ownership we made many improvements – outside we added an eight foot tall 1×6 tongue and groove cedar fence, a custom in-ground gas heated swimming pool and enlarged existing decks. Inside we added roughly 1000 sft of living space featuring a free standing wood stove on lowest level and a brick fireplace within Master Bedroom, plus a third garage stall.

We paid $130k for it in 1982 and sold it seven years later for $164k. Our ROI (Return On Investment) was poor (as in negative) as we took our neighborhood’s nicest home and built beyond what our market would support. We did get to enjoy our homes features during our time there, however as far as an investment, it was a poor one.

Your (or any) barn could face similar challenges, depending upon your property’s particular circumstances. In most cases, a well-constructed, engineered post frame barn will be worth more at completion, than it cost to construct and will appreciate over the years to follow.

Often, people assume a barn will increase their property value – not necessarily true. Although you may not plan on moving anytime soon, it’s important to consider the resale value of your building and property.

According to Realtor Magazine, a large, attractive garage or storage building adds curb appeal and resale value to your property. In fact, lack of garage or shop space is a deal breaker for some home buyers.

Luckily for you, a post frame building is a flexible and durable construction method. You can combine your shop, garage, recreation area with storage room to appease future buyers.

To satisfy your curiosity, consult with a Realtor prior to making improvements. They should be able to give you an idea of your property’s value both now, and after your new post frame building is completed.