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Don’t Make Mistakes on Horse Stall Doors

Don’t Make Mistakes on Horse Stall Doors

Horse owners please join in, this one is for you:

Picture, if you will, your dream barn. You know how many stalls, feed rooms, tack rooms, etc., are needed and how much space they will take up. You have the exterior down pat, but you may not have put as much thought into stall doors for your horses.

Building the right stall for your horse is crucial for creating a comfortable environment and working space. Very intricate details matter, from stall door types to their hardware.

Caveat – even though our daughter Bailey (https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2018/09/planning-your-equestrian-facility/ ) is a famous horse trainer, I have never ridden a horse. I have had many, many clients (along with my daughter) who have provided valuable feedback. I am sharing common view points below.

There are two main types of stall doors to choose from when designing your horses’ ideal stalls—sliding and swinging doors. As with any option, each type of door has its pros and cons.

Sliding doors are great investments for your horse stalls for a number of reasons. They are far less expensive. They are less hazardous than swinging doors because they won’t take up aisleway (https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2011/12/horse-aisleway/ ) room as you open them. I would never recommend a swinging door into an aisleway. A sliding door simply slides on its track so both you and your horse can enter and exit a stall comfortably together without worrying whether the door is latched back properly or blocking space in the aisle.

Pole Building - Horse Stalls

In addition, a sliding door allows you to adjust the stall’s entrance just wide enough for you to enter without risking your horse sneaking past you, anxious to get into trouble. This makes accomplishing basic chores much easier, whether you’re changing your horse’s water or refilling feed.

Swinging stall doors are both more traditional and less practical. Dutch doors have grown in popularity and are more often seen in barn architecture. Why are they still so popular?

For some, it makes an ideal exterior door. Although appearing as one solid piece when closed, Dutch doors are actually split in two sections. The top half can be opened and secured outside with a hook and eye latch, allowing your horse to bask sunshine and enjoy views (think Mister Ed) of fields or outdoor arenas while secure in his stall. Sounds like a good way to torture your horse to me. Dutch doors also make great exterior stall doors because they provide your horses with opportunities to communicate with one another while trapped in their stalls, exercising their natural desires to socialize.

You can read more about exterior stall doors here: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2014/10/exterior-horse-stall-doors/

Regardless of your stall door choice, your doorways should always be approximately four feet in width to provide comfort for you and your equine friends.

Dial (866)200-9657 to speak with a Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designer in regards to your horse stable wants and needs.

Approximate Price of Sliding and Dutch Doors

Approximate Price of Sliding and Dutch Doors Only

Reader PATRICK in FREDERICK writes:

“I was looking for a “approximate” price on metal sliding doors for an existing pole barn that is being refurbished.  Also interested in the life stock dutch doors.

Could you give me a ballpark price on the following items plus shipping to Frederick, Maryland.

  1. Qty 3: 9′ x 9′ metal door plus mounting hardware.
  2. Qty 2: Metal Frame type double dutch door for horse stalls.  4′ x 8′ would be ideal.  Your brochure describes it as a metal frame with wood inserts.  Does this come with a Metal Jam or is it just the door.
  3. Any recommend material to seal sliding doors when closed, including latches, etc.

 All work and installation is being done by the owner, me.

Thanks for your consideration and help.”

Thank you for your interest. Hansen Pole Buildings only furnishes doors with an investment into a complete post frame building kit package, as shipping doors by themselves all too often results in damage – and freight claims are no fun to pursue.

Many variables will influence prices of sliding doors – will doors slide only one direction, or will they be split (also known as bi-parting) and open both directions. Will steel siding for doors and appropriate fasteners need to be furnished, or will you be acquiring your own? Are you looking for a high quality ‘simple’ door, or are you looking for something having features such as crossbucks and glass (https://www.plyco.com/Content/files/specPDFs/ChampionSlidingDoor.pdf)? Price ranges without freight could be from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per door.

Our metal frame type dutch door has metal inserts backed with plywood. These doors are hung in steel jambs. Not for those faint of pocketbook they run over a thousand dollars a door, but they are certainly going to prove to be durable.

I always remind people – I can design a sliding door with virtually an airtight seal, however anguish and frustration will be involved to undo numerous door perimeter screws every time it needs to be opened. For practical purposes, assume a sliding door will close tight enough to allow your neighbor’s cat to enter your building.

 If you want a better sealing door, check out overhead doors.Many horse owners have gone to overhead doors on their equine buildings for this very reason.



Arcadian Sliding Doors

Over the past 36 plus years in the post frame building industry, I’ve personally sold, delivered and/or specified pretty easily at least 10,000 sliding doors. I am certain someone has provided more, most probably far less. Very, very few of them have ever been with glass in the doors.

Sherri in Kansas recently asked, “Do you have the double sliding doors with windows, If so how much are they- I can provide a picture”.

Yes, we have them, however we do not sell them individually – due to the challenges of just shipping sliding door components.

One of the Hansen Pole Buildings’ valued suppliers is MWI Components (www.mwicomponents.com). MWI happens to produce a sliding door known as Arcadian Sliders. While they are available in 17 standard sizes, they can also produce (for a nominal fee) custom sizes to your specifications.

Arcadian sliding doors are available either with double cross bucks (similar to the classic dutch door look) or with what is known as a half-light (top ½ of the door is glass).

The nice people at MWI like to ship doors “knocked down” (in kit form), however they will gladly ship the doors fully assembled. Keep in mind the fully assembled doors are going to be more expensive for not only the cost of assembly, but also for freight. Care must be given in handling the assembled doors during loading, shipping and off-loading to prevent unnecessary damage.

Arcadian sliding doors come with all door assembly components and the fasteners are even included!

The sliding doors are 1-1/2” thick and come with precut 1-1/2” x 3-1/2” box girts. The sliding doors have an all Galvaneal substrate (Galvaneal is the coating between the bare metal and the finish paint). Arcadian sliding doors come in your choice of over 30 colors.

The price of these doors is not for the faint of heart – they will be significantly more expensive than standard sliding doors, as well as most sectional steel overhead doors. However, if you are looking for this particular look for your new building, Arcadian sliding doors might very well be the way to go.