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Arcadian Sliding Doors

Over the past 36 plus years in the post frame building industry, I’ve personally sold, delivered and/or specified pretty easily at least 10,000 sliding doors. I am certain someone has provided more, most probably far less. Very, very few of them have ever been with glass in the doors.

Sherri in Kansas recently asked, “Do you have the double sliding doors with windows, If so how much are they- I can provide a picture”.

Yes, we have them, however we do not sell them individually – due to the challenges of just shipping sliding door components.

One of the Hansen Pole Buildings’ valued suppliers is MWI Components (www.mwicomponents.com). MWI happens to produce a sliding door known as Arcadian Sliders. While they are available in 17 standard sizes, they can also produce (for a nominal fee) custom sizes to your specifications.

Arcadian sliding doors are available either with double cross bucks (similar to the classic dutch door look) or with what is known as a half-light (top ½ of the door is glass).

The nice people at MWI like to ship doors “knocked down” (in kit form), however they will gladly ship the doors fully assembled. Keep in mind the fully assembled doors are going to be more expensive for not only the cost of assembly, but also for freight. Care must be given in handling the assembled doors during loading, shipping and off-loading to prevent unnecessary damage.

Arcadian sliding doors come with all door assembly components and the fasteners are even included!

The sliding doors are 1-1/2” thick and come with precut 1-1/2” x 3-1/2” box girts. The sliding doors have an all Galvaneal substrate (Galvaneal is the coating between the bare metal and the finish paint). Arcadian sliding doors come in your choice of over 30 colors.

The price of these doors is not for the faint of heart – they will be significantly more expensive than standard sliding doors, as well as most sectional steel overhead doors. However, if you are looking for this particular look for your new building, Arcadian sliding doors might very well be the way to go.