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Barn Doors, Freight, and Barndomonium!

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: I would like to see if there is a product out there for the back of my barn. My barn is set up with two stall doors. The back door allows the horses to go into their pastures 24/7. I currently have tin on wooden doors and this cuts them up occasionally. Is there anything I can put on there besides tin? Any recommendations would be appreciated. DEBBIE in WILLARDS
Animal Confinement BuildingDEAR DEBBIE: Your best solution for covering the doors is “tin” (actually it is steel), as it will be both the most affordable and most durable. If your horses are getting cut by it, it means the steel was improperly installed. Any edges of the steel should be tucked neatly into J Channel trims, which will protect your horses from snagging an edge. Take a color photo of the door(s) along with the measurements of the door to the Pro Desk at your local The Home Depot® and they should be able to assist you in getting the needed parts.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: How much is shipping for a building to Michigan? DON in RICHMOND

DEAR DON: In the continental United States (a.k.a. the lower 48) shipping to your accessible site is always included in the basic price, other than if a toll ferry is involved. In those cases, the actual ferry charges will be added as incurred.


DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Hi, my husband and I are looking I to purchasing a small piece of land and want to build a pole barn home on it. I’m envisioning 4 bed upstairs with 2 bath and a loft area and on the main floor a master bed with bath , kitchen/dining, great room at least 3 car garage . So you have anything that would be close to what I’m thinking? KELLI in NEW BADEN

Engineer sealed pole barnDEAR KELLI: All Hansen Pole Buildings’ post frame buildings are custom designed to best meet with the needs of our clients, so in answer to your question – yes. We do not include the design of your interior rooms, however. Our specialty is the design and provision of structural members, which would include the building shell, and raised wood floors (including over crawl spaces and basements, second or third floors, lofts and mezzanines), as well as stairs.

Browse on line and look for a room layout which would meet with your needs and chances are excellent we can design the structure which will fit it.


Barn Doors? Houses? Materials!

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Where can I find barn doors, sliding steel style? They have no internet presence, or else there is a secret name for them. Thank you! BONNY in FRANKFORT

DEAR BONNY: If you are in search of a steel covered, metal framed sliding door (which is what the huge majority of sliding doors are) you are not finding them on the internet because they are components which are put together for the door frame and then the steel siding is added.

We provide literally thousands of these doors a year, however they are only available with the investment into a complete post frame (pole) building kit package, due to the logistics of avoiding shipping damage.

If you are looking for just the door, my recommendation would be to stop at the Pro Desk of your local The Home Depot®. They should be able to fix you up with everything you will need for successful completion of your sliding steel barn door.


DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Looking 1700 sq ft 2 bedroom pole barn house great room 1 bedroom 2 floor 2 full baths. DAVE in BELLVILLE

DEAR DAVE: Post frame (pole barn) buildings make for fabulous homes, as they are affordable, can easily be constructed by the home owner, go up quickly and offer a tremendous degree of flexibility.

In the case of Hansen Pole Buildings, we take care of the perimeter structural design, provide all of the engineered building plans for the shell (along with assembly instructions) and deliver the materials to your jobsite. Once the building shell has been completed, you are then free to place interior walls wherever will best meet your needs.

You can find out more about barndominiums here: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2016/04/the-rise-of-the-barndominium/.


DEAR POLE BARN GURU: I recently started erecting the pole barn material you had supplied and found that the gable posts aren’t long enough for the design. The drawings call for the posts to be set in the ground at 40″ and then rise up to support the trusses 11 feet above grade. That would require a minimum of 14′-4″ posts. The posts that were delivered are 14′-0″. In order to proceed with the project I need 16′-0″ posts. How should I proceed? Ideally I will be reimbursed for the new posts that I purchase today since I need them to continue progress on the building. Please advise. PETER in RHINEBECK

Hansen Buildings Construction ManualDEAR PETER: Thank you for being on top of inventory. We so appreciate clients who inventory promptly and report any discrepancies immediately through their online login. Although 16 foot long columns were ordered, it appears whoever pulled the order in the lumberyard did not look very closely at their tape measure.

To aid in speeding replacement, please provide a photo showing the columns along with a tape measure which confirms the incorrect length. The lumberyard should be able to have the corrected materials pulled within hours and delivery and swap out done immediately following.