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The Naked Pole Building

When the construction industry imploded in 2008, pole barn builders and suppliers stripped their pole buildings down to the bare essentials (or, in some cases, to less than the bare essentials). This was done in an effort to make the pole buildings more affordable and to not be underpriced by another provider or builder.

Naked Pole BuildingEven now, as the market is improving, we still see post frame buildings being offered about as bare as a lap dancer. This trend makes it harder for other pole building providers to sell upgraded (and better) products to both builders and self contractors.

Like a Victoria’s Secret catalog, pole builders and pole building providers attract clients with the bare essentials and attractive pricing. While contracts may be signed with builders at attractive pricing, the builder is planning on covering up the pole building with a full wardrobe, including a mink coat. The price for the pole barn may be $10,000, but the builder is planning on it actually selling for $20,000, by the time he gets done with upgrades (as well as costly change orders).

When I was in the residential prefabricated metal plated roof truss industry, one of my clients was a framing contractor who used to brag about his middle name being “Extra”. While he did great work, and was always very reasonably priced, everything not spelled out initially was extra! And what were his customers to do? Once he started building, they were stuck!

Long ago, I learned no matter how low something is priced, there is always someone who is willing to cut quality and/or service to get to yet a lower price. Even scarier yet, is when the competition knowing leaves out portions of the building in order to get to a lower price!

And if you think a supplier would never knowingly leave materials off from a list, I have some ocean front property for sale in Arizona. I see materials lists prepared by lumber yards day after day – almost without exception, they are all missing or short materials.

When doing a quote comparison with another company, I have had to ask the client, “Which two walls do you want the steel on, the walls with the overhead doors, or the walls without?”  They had no idea there was not enough steel for the entire building.  Or that providing roofing material (steel or shingles) was “extra”.

How about code requirements?  Are they clearly listed on the quote, or are they somehow “hidden”, with the company merely claiming they design their buildings “stout”.

Want to do it right the first time, and know what costs truly will be?

Find a supplier who guarantees to provide a complete building package, with features spelled out (including all of the code and loading criteria), for a set price. A complicated list of materials, is nothing more than a list with prices, it is no guarantee of anything ever being able to be constructed.

A New Pole Building: What is the Price per Square Foot?

What Is The Price Per Square Foot?

If one thinks about this question for very long, they might recognize the absurdity of this question. It would be about as practical as going to buy a new car….and asking the price per pound. Or shopping for a new computer….and asking the price per gigabyte of memory.

New Pole BarnOne of the owners of Hansen Pole Buildings has been asked this question probably a thousand times, if she has been asked once. Her answer…..about three dollars per square foot.

Wow!! That is an amazing price!

Which she qualifies with, “as long as the building covers over an acre, is eight feet tall, galvanized roof and no walls”!!

In the end, a “price per square foot” is nothing more than a price. It tells no one anything about what is or is not included.

Price per square foot ends up being nothing more than smoke and mirrors…far too easy for salespeople to throw out ridiculously low numbers, which tell the consumer nothing.

A building which is a basic box, is certainly going to be far less per square foot, than one which is “fully featured” and may include numerous overhead doors (more if insulated and remote openers are included), entry doors (with huge disparities in price due to quality), windows, overhangs, insulation….getting the hint yet?

The individual’s needs, personal choices and the complexity of the building all impact the bottom line price.

The same goes for the labor to construct. A builder who will give a price per square foot to construct a pole building, without knowing the particulars of the building, is one who should be steered clear of.  He (or she) is a train wreck waiting for an unmarked road crossing.

Shopping for a pole building? Do a favor to everyone, including yourself and avoid asking the question, “What is the Price per Square Foot”?

Instead, figure out your budget, then figure out what you would like to have in the way of a new pole building, making a list of all of the “wanted” features.  Prioritize the features and options so if you need to bring your budget into view,  you can then put a “hold” on one or more features. Which ones to put on the “maybe” list?  Those which can most easily be added at a later date, such as interior finishing, even doors and windows.  If you want overhangs or want to load trusses for a future loft – leave those on the “must have” list, as they are not as easily added at a later time. Then adjust budget/wish list until you have a “match”.

Pole Barns: Blazing Pole Building Prices…Honestly

Blazing Building Prices…Honestly

Pole Barn Garage

Imagine this beautiful building on your property

You’ve been talking with someone about a new pole barn. You like the salesperson, and feel like you have built a good relationship with them. You feel they offer a good design solution, can deliver within your time frame….just one question remains.

Is their price right?

Here is the secret to honestly finding out for certain….

Make sure all of the following information is on the quote you have been provided – width, length, dimensions and roof slope. Ground and roof snow loads, design wind speed and wind exposure are also essential. If you are considering the purchase of a pole building kit from a lumber yard, or “big box” store, make certain they guarantee to supply all of the materials necessary to construct the building. Many suppliers will attempt to foist off on you, the unsuspecting buyer, an itemized list of materials they propose to supply, and does not necessarily mean a building can be constructed from it!

Read all of the fine print – including those statements which may actually abstain them from any responsibility should they fail to provide enough materials to finish your building.  Does the quote include any guarantee or warranty?  How about building plans, are they included?  Are the plans complete instructions or are you expected to take a list of materials and just “wing it”?  If you have questions during construction, is there tech support available?

Now armed with a complete quote, scan and email, or FAX it to Hansen Buildings. One of our Building Designers will review it for you, at absolutely no charge. If items of concern are seen, they will let you know what they might be. If you are getting a fabulous deal, we will be the first ones to let you know. More important than us providing your new pole building is making certain you are getting a building which best solves your problems, meets your needs and is a great value.

To submit a quote and get some fabulous pole building prices checkout our free building quote page.

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