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Kynar paint for Barndominiums

Kynar Paint for Barndominiums Many potential barndominium owners are looking to get the greatest value for their investment and many see this as their ‘forever’ home. If you fall into this category, I would highly recommend exploring Kynar® painted steel. I could extol aesthetic reasons to use Kynar painted steel for longer than anyone would […]

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Kynar® Paint for pole buildings

Kynar® One word says it all – Kynar®. I could extol the aesthetic reasons to use Kynar® painted steel for longer than anyone would be willing to listen. Polyvinylidene fluoride is acknowledged as the premium resin for coil coatings. Popularly known by its original trade name Kynar®, is a PVDF resin-based coating or finish, a […]

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Avoiding Oil Canning of Standing Seam Steel Roofing

BRETT in CUMBERLAND FURNACE writes: “I was talking to a contractor and he really thinks it is a big mistake to use a 26 gauge thickness vs a 24 gauge. He is stating “I will have less issue with oil canning and it will look a lot better for the extra cost over the life […]

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Painting Tips for Post Frame building Owners

Painting Tips for Post Frame building Owners Generally, post frame buildings are fairly maintenance-free, which is among the many reasons they’re so popular. Whether your building is for residential, commercial, or agricultural use, you undoubtedly have come to depend on it.  When it’s time to repaint the original metal coating on your post frame building […]

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How to Avoid Your Barndominium Being Kicked to the Curb

How to Avoid Your Barndominium Being Kicked to the Curb Welcome back from last Thursday! When it comes to resale value, you want your barndominium’s curb appeal to add to value, not kick you to the curb. There are things you can do during design and build phases to improve appeal and good news is, […]

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Roof Steel, Building a Post Frame House, and Fire Restoration

This week the Pole Barn Guru answers questions about a possible roof steel replacement, planning a post frame house, and assistance finding a contractor to complete fire restoration of a post frame building. DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Good day PBG, I have a huge old wooden beam barn currently covered with standing seam tin roofing. I […]

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Best Barndominium Steel Roofing and Siding in Coastal Areas

If you are one of many looking to install steel roofing and/or siding on your new barndominium, shouse (shop/house) or post frame home, understanding differences between galvanized and galvalume is essential to getting top performance you expect from your new steel roofing or siding.. In most residential steel roofing applications including near-coastal areas — beach […]

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Barndominium Warrantees

Barndominium Warrantees Regular readers of my articles are aware I have joined and regularly read and contribute to every Facebook and Linkedin group about barndominiums and post frame buildings I possibly can find. My goal always is for people to get their best possible value for their investment, even should they somehow decide Hansen Pole […]

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A Contractor for Your Barndominium Part III

A Contractor for Your Barndominium (Part III) Miscellaneous Topics: Do Not Change Your Plan Once your plans have been permitted, do not make changes. This allows openings for expensive “Change Orders,” and will have an allowable timeline effect. In cases, this will require you to resubmit to your local jurisdiction and could involve months of […]

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Steel Roofing Fade and Chalk

Steel Roofing Fade and Chalk 14 years ago Hansen Pole Buildings provided a post frame building kit package to a client in South Carolina. Included with this investment was steel roofing and siding to be provided by Fabral with 20 year warranty paint. Colors were Evergreen roofing and trim and Tan siding. We actually provided […]

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Fluropon Roofing Coating

Fluropon® Roofing Coating  I have extolled virtues of Kynar® (PVDF) paint for post frame buildings previously: Fluropon® is a trade name for Valspar’s PVDF factory applied steel roofing coating (paint) system. Sherwin-Williams acquired Valspar  in 2017. At NFBA’s (National Frame Building Association) 2019 Expo I cornered Sherwin-William’s representative for further information on Fluropon®. Please […]

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Help! My Overhead Door Jambs are Rotting!

Help! My Overhead Door Jambs Are Rotting! I am fairly certain this problem occurs more often than I hear about. Reader DAVID in ROLLING PRAIRIE writes: “Enclosed are two pictures showing my pole building’s overhead door. One picture is the inside door jamb that is decaying from water damage and the other one is a […]

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Skylights Leaking

Skylights Leaking Reader DIANA writes,  ”skylights leaking in 40 year old barn. Is it possible to replace the sky lights with metal.” Skylights in steel roofs are problematic, and not just due to them eventually leaking. You will certainly want to read this article: Now, considering your entire roof is 40 years old – […]

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Considering a Pole Barn, Roof Loads, and Proper Ventilation

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Good morning. I am considering building a pole barn on our land in northwest Georgia and wanted to know the following: 1) On your website, you list links for residential, agricultural, and commercial buildings.  What is the difference between a those three types of buildings?  Are they different because of design […]

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Spray Foam and a Post Frame Cabin

Spray Foam and a Post Frame Cabin Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designer Rick Carr is a delight to work with. Other than his fondness for the Green Bay Packers, he is a great guy! Rick not only subscribes to my daily blogs, he reads them. A recent article peaked Rick’s inquisitive mind (view the culprit here: […]

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Rusted Roof on Pole Barn

Rusted Roof on Old Pole Barn Reader DAVE in GRANDVILLE writes: “I have a technical question. I have a older Hansen pole barn that previous homeowners had built. Guessing 20yrs old +/-. Roof is showing approx 75% rusted with no paint left and all steel on bld. is 50% gone as well. I’m looking to […]

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The Importance of Paint!

Maximizing the Metal: Why Not all Metal is Created Part II This article, by my friend Sharon Thatcher, was originally published in the September 2016 issue of Rural Builder magazine and appears unedited. To continue from last Friday: THE IMPORTANCE OF PAINT While paint doesn’t provide any structural value, it certainly does add value to the end […]

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Maximizing the Metal: Why all Metal is not Created Equal

This article, by my friend Sharon Thatcher, was originally published in the  September 2016 issue of Rural Builder magazine and appears unedited. I’ve opined upon many of these areas in previous articles, however here Sharon ties it all together: You may be the best builder on the planet, but if you use inferior products your stellar reputation […]

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Dear Pole Barn Guru: How Do Kits Ship?

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Can vertical board and bat siding be installed on a pole barn without first installing osb? Would diagonal bracing be required beings the 12′ wide board (Siding) would not give much lateral stability (shear)? SCOTT IN ROY DEAR SCOTT: As much as I would like to tell you it must be […]

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Hansen Building Product Warranties

Our goal at Hansen Buildings is to provide you a high quality building kit at a price within your budget. To make the best product decisions possible we have provided locations where you can quickly lookup the links of the most commonly used products in our material kits. Don’t see a product warranty that you […]

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Pole Barn Communication

My lovely bride and I have been married for heading on 15 years. To some, this may seem like a lot, to my grandparents and great-grandparents (who were together for 50 years and more) – hardly a drop in the bucket. In most relationships, success (or lack thereof) is created by communication. Lots of clear, […]

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Dear Guru: Pole Barn Bird Aviary?

Welcome to Ask the Pole Barn Guru – where you can ask questions about building topics, with answers posted on Mondays.  With many questions to answer, please be patient to watch for yours to come up on a future Monday or Saturday segment.  If you want a quick answer, please be sure to answer with […]

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SMP: Silicone-modified Polyester Paint

In today’s marketplace, most pole buildings are roofed and sided with silicon-modified polyester paint or SMP. SMPs create a middle ground between PVDFs (Polyvinylidene Fluorides) and polyesters. Also known as silicone-protected and siliconized polyesters, SMPs use polymerized silicone to improve polyester’s chalk performance and gloss retention. Companies initially experimented with varying levels of silicone, and […]

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Pencil Hardness Tests for Painted Steel Roofing and Siding

In researching the paint systems applied to steel roofing and siding used on pole buildings, I came up with some interesting information. From an August 2003 story in Metal Roofing Magazine: “There are dozens of criteria and tests paints are subject to, including falling sand erosion tests, acid tests, adhesion after impact and bending, and […]

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Paint Fade

When I went off to architecture school at the University of Idaho in 1975, I needed a vehicle which would be a little better suited to the weekly commute from Post Falls to Moscow. My 1964 Datsun pickup (they were really tiny then) had been OK for motoring around town in high school – but […]

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For my step-son Kevin, this one word pretty much covers everything. He and his identical twin brother Josh have always gone by the premise of – if it moves- kill it, and if it doesn’t move, prod it until it moves, then kill it. Kevin loves to hunt, and if he isn’t hunting, he is […]

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Why Steel Roofing?

My grandparent’s lake cabin was nearly 75 years old when the cedar shake roof finally gave out in the 1980’s. With the quality of cedar shakes down and the price high (besides the dangers of a wooden roof in a forest) the solution became clear – painted steel. In the woods, the non-combustible feature alone […]

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