For my step-son Kevin, this one word pretty much covers everything. He and his identical twin brother Josh have always gone by the premise of – if it moves- kill it, and if it doesn’t move, prod it until it moves, then kill it.

Kevin loves to hunt, and if he isn’t hunting, he is fishing. He owns pretty much everything which can be camo. I swear he has camo skivvies.

A few years ago, one of our steel roofing and siding suppliers came out with camo steel for buildings. My first thought was – why? Then I realized, for those like Kevin, there would be a million and ones uses – hunting blinds, fishing shacks, heck (in his case) – the walls of his family room.

Camouflage Vinyl Siding

Camouflage Vinyl Siding

Today I got an Email from one of our suppliers. It seems camo has been taken to a new level in the world of construction – vinyl siding. This is certainly a step up the building chain from blinds and shacks – we are talking about homes, garages and shops!

Now I live in the woods, where it is fairly rustic and my neighbors are not ones who are around enough to complain. For those living in more semi-urban areas, there might be a few objections!

The camo vinyl siding is ideal for any climate, and has a Kynar® PVDF film finish for advanced color protection. It is moisture resistant and has a Temp-Rite® high performance substrate to withstand extreme weather. It is impervious to wood-boring insects. The low-gloss finish looks like freshly camouflaged and it never needs painting or caulking.

Camo side your new house, garage, barn or shed to either blend in, or stand out.  For others like my step-sons who live and breathe anything to with hunting and fishing, ENJOY!

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    1. Fabral is a manufacturer of the product which is carried by your local Home Depot locations. They should be able to provide pricing information for you.

  1. Camouflage Metal Siding or vinyl siding what option do you have in stoke . I need 52 foot of corner trim . 12 foot windows trim/ J-trim, 250 SQ FT side wall panels metal or vinyl, 70 foot root panels,


    1. We do not have any of this material in stock, it is per order. For small quantities such as this we would recommend you contact the ProDesk at your nearby The Home Depot.

  2. Michael mcwilliams

    Got an idea of turning my old pop up camper into a mobile quack shack it’s 20.5 long 6.5 wide and it’ll only need to be 4 ft tall I’m
    No carpenter by any means so idk know how many pieces but corner pieces too

    1. The steel panels have a three foot net coverage from side-to-side when installed vertically. Panels can be cut to the nearest 1/2″ for length.

    1. For a quantity this small, try the ProDesk at your local The Home Depot, as they can have it shipped in freight free.

    1. Depends upon the dimensions of the single wide. You will find this product to be very expensive (maybe more than the single wide is worth).


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