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Materials Mastery with the PBG!

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Hi: I have a design and will build myself. Do you sell components such as poles and trusses? Or is it possible to purchase one of your kits and leave off certain materials? For example, I want to use corrugated metal siding. If you don’t supply that could it be left off? I have a design already and can send that so your folks know what I’m looking for and might be able to advise. Thanks – JUD in LOOMIS

DEAR JUD: Typically it is not cost effective for either our clients or us to provide just a handful of components for a building, especially if we (and our engineers) are responsible for the structural design of the building.

About Hansen BuildingsWe most often supply all of the components required for assembly, other than concrete, rebar and any nails which would be commonly driven by a nail gun. This gives our clients the most value for their investment, as well as insuring the components being furnished are meeting with the structural requirements of the plans.

A Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designer will be in contact with you shortly to discuss details with you.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: I am within a few weeks of placing my order for my residential kit but I have a question about siding. My wife has veto’d metal siding so we will be specifying either hardie board siding or LP Smartside. I’ve been assuming that in order to use such siding in place of metal, the walls must be sheathed with OSB for structural reasons? I’m guessing that the OSB sheathing would not have enough holding strength for the siding to attach directly and that I would need to install vertical furring strips nailed to the girts in order to attach the siding? The problem is that I have heard stories about waves in the siding when attached this way. What does one need to do in order to prevent wavy siding?


DEAR LONNIE: Most jurisdictions will allow panels (4′ x 8′ typically) of cement based siding or LP Smartside to be installed directly over framing (wall girts) spaced up to 24 inches on center. My guess is you are looking at doing a lap siding, in which case the walls would need to be first sheathed with either 7/16″ OSB or 15/32″ plywood in order to carry the wind shear loads. When this is the case, we plan upon furnishing 2×4 vertical blocking every two feet to give a positive attachment for the siding.

In order to prevent wavy siding – just don’t use it. I’ve installed a fair amount of lap siding (back in the day) as well as seen it upon numerous buildings and at some point it always has waves. Why? It is a function of expansion and contraction. If the siding is applied when cold, it will wave between fasteners when it heats up. Applied warm and as it shrinks it strains against the end fasteners and gets gaps between end joints. All-in-all, maybe not the best aesthetic solution.

I currently own three different post frame (pole) buildings. The oldest two are sided with 1×8 cedar channel run vertically (I wanted to match the house). When I painted the buildings for about the fifth time, my lovely bride asked me why I had not put steel siding on them to begin with, as it would have been maintenance free (not to mention less expensive). Right now I live in a magnificent post frame home – with steel siding. Wouldn’t have it any other way and my wife will agree it is by far the best solution for both looks and durability. In the end – people will notice the colors, but chances are the great majority will never pay attention to what the actual material is.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: We want to build a pole structure for RV cover similar to a pole barn but no sides. Pole sides and roof clearance of 14 feet, 36 long, 24 wide (where post in ground)
Looking for plan and help to build. Hope you can direct us. Thanks JUDY in MISSION

DEAR JUDY: Yours is most certainly a building which we can assist you with. If possible, it will be less expensive to have at least one of the 24 foot endwalls covered to the ground. Here is an article which explains why: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2015/04/roof-only-pole-buildings/

One of the senior Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designers will be in contact with you shortly to assist you with your new post frame building.