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Percentage of Price Difference by Building Profile

This ended up being an interesting exercise and it yielded results pretty much as I had expected.

Reader RON in MONROE writes:

“Can you tell me the approximate percentage difference in pricing or cost of the different building styles? I know this will vary according to the size of the building, etc., so let’s pick a 38 by 38 by 17 foot tall building. How much more to move up from a single slope to gable style, to monitor, and to Gambrel?”

Mike the Pole Barn Guru responds:

About Hansen BuildingsThere are so many variables involved in this question it is impossible to answer. And an answer for one given set of climactic loads (snow, design wind speed and exposure) would not translate to any different set of variables. Even as to where you are going to measure 17′ to is a huge impact. On a single slope – is this measure of low wall or high wall? Would it be clearspan or have interior columns? Is monitor measure to low side of wings, or raised center? If low side of wings, then how tall would center be? Gambrel, is your measure to eave side of steep slope or to pitch break? With a 17′ height, would there be an intention to have a full or partial second floor? Would this building be a garage/shop or a residence? It makes a difference as loading criteria are different and if drywall will be attached to walls or roof, a greater deflection stiffness is required. Even features such as overhangs can change your percentages as monitor style is going to have four eave sides.

If you are looking for cost effectiveness, footprint multiples of six feet are going to get you there (lumber comes in two foot multiples, steel roof and siding in three foot).

A gabled roof will be your least expensive and easiest to build, however not always aesthetically your best design solution. I recommend you determine what your finished space needs will be and discuss options with Rachel your Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designer.

RON wanted just a little bit more:

“Just use a peak height, no doors, no windows, same snow load, everything the same.”

Pole Barn Guru replies:

Drum roll …….

And the envelope please …….

Here are results:

I did have to change roof slope on the single slope to 2.84/12 in order to have an eight foot eave height on the low side.

Monitor was 5.6% more than gable, gambrel 10.4% more, single slope 17.6% more.

Today’s Gambrel Barn – A Feel Good Story

Back in the middle of March, Darlene T. made an inquiry to us about investing in a new pole barn.

Now Darlene and her husband are newlyweds, having been married for just a year. Initially, she had considered a gambrel roof style, with a loft so the kids would have a place to stay when they come over. This new building is to be the couple’s new home.

The bad news is the gambrel barn came in over budget; however Darlene and Hansen Buildings Designer Rachel crafted a single floor design which would both meet the needs of Darlene and her hubby, as well as giving them more space. A win!

This afternoon, Darlene called in saying she needs 4 pieces of 10’ fascia trim.  She doesn’t know if she was shorted and didn’t count them and is willing to pay for them.  Our Productions Department will get those ordered up for her tomorrow.

Here’s the rest of the conversation between Rachel and Darlene (as related by Rachel):


Darlene T. - Hansen Buildings Testimonial

“Now to the good stuff….Darlene couldn’t STOP talking how beautiful, wonderful, HIGH STANDARD and did I mention beautiful her new pole building is!  She is completely satisfied with the quality of the building and how durable it is.  She said sometimes it will be subjected to hurricane weather and she and every one of her neighbors think this will withstand a full blown hurricane.  It sits on top of a hill and everyone can see it.  She said that people have been stopping by and she gives them our name and email address.  Everyone can’t believe how well designed the building is.  She said this will make an absolutely beautiful home and is so very pleased!  She also mentioned they could never have gotten a building kit that inexpensive. Especially for the quality!”

“She said everything came in such GREAT condition and the lumber was EXCELLENT!  She said to find lumber of that grade and that straight would take days to hand pick in their lumber yards. The deliveries went very well and she was VERY satisfied on how the entire process went.  She said her husband would agree with her fully on how all deliveries went great!”

“She said the only thing was that it took quite a bit of concrete for the holes and she didn’t budget for that.  This was not a complaint by any means.  She said the way the poles are in the ground with concrete will make the building stand way past her time….she then went on to tell how great the building was again!”

“She said they will send pictures to show how beautiful the building is!”

It is Darlene, and clients like her and her husband, who make it more than worth getting up with (or before) the sun in the morning for another, “Great Day at Hansen Buildings”.