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My VersaTube Pole Building Collapsed!

I’ve previously expressed concerns about light gauge “carport” type buildings (read more at: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/blog/2013/05/carports/).

(My advance apologies for the misleading title, it was used by the complainee below – VersaTube® buildings are NOT pole buildings!!)

Whilst doing some ‘net surfing, I recently came across this posting at www.pissedcustomer.com:

“I purchased a metal frame building from Versa Tube, which their engineers designed for the area of Minnesota I live in. The building collapsed!

I purchased a VersaTube metal frame building from Menards in Hermantown, Minnesota. The building was designed by the engineers at VersaTube, for the area of Minnesota I live in. The building was 32′ wide X 36′ long and 12.5′ tall. I purchased the building in September 2013 and it was built that same month.

Versatube BuildingOn Febraury 21, 2014 only 6 months after the construction of the building, it collapsed during a snowfall. The warranty states “The VersaTube Product Pledge What exactly is a Product Pledge? It’s quite simple . .

. the Pledge is our way of showing that we’re proud of our products and the level of quality that they represent. Your building will go through an extensive inspection process prior to leaving our plant, but if any component should not meet your expectations, we’ll be glad to replace the part at no charge within 30 days of purchase. The only criteria that must be met is that you bought the building from VersaTube, the damage wasn’t caused by customer modifications or mishandling, and that the building was erected within 4 months of purchase.

This section of the Pledge applies to any of the materials supplied with our building kits for one year from the date of purchase. The second part of the VersaTube Product Pledge provides a 20 year structural warranty on all framing components of our buildings from the date of purchase. Of course, the defect can’t be caused by customer modifications or negligence, an unanticipated Act of God or nature, an accident, or any type of internal or external impact. Improper assembly or installation may also void the warranty.

The customer is responsible for performing standard building maintenance and inspections on a regular basis. We reserve the right to repair or replace any part that might not meet expectations. VersaTube is proud to put our name on the buildings we manufacture for our customers and stand behind their quality with our industry leading Product Pledge.” I have contacted VersaTube, and they are not willing to honor the Warranty. VersaTube told me that I should file a claim with my homeowners’ insurance company.

The building was designed by VersaTube Engineers for the part of the country I live in before I ever built it. Now they are saying that it has been an abnormally snowy winter and because of this, they don’t have to honor the warranty. We have not broken any snowfall records in Saginaw, Minnesota this year. These buildings should not be sold to customers in Minnesota or other states that get snowfall.

VersaTube uses Homeowners Insurance as a copout to honor their warranty. I paid 6300.00 for the metal frame from Menards.

Menards tells me that all warranty issues go directly thru VersaTube.”

From The Pole Barn Guru:

This is my humble opinion only:

Building owner – should have taken one look at this “thing” and realized there was no way it would ever withstand any significant amount of snow. Unless registered engineer sealed drawings for the design loads where the building was to be located were provided with the building purchase this, “their engineers designed for the area of Minnesota I live in”, was merely a poor assumption upon the part of the buyer.

Menards® – once again just me, I would personally have a very difficult time selling a building to a client which I did not have total faith in its ability to adequately carry the climactic loads where it would be located.

This is a case of, if it looks cheap, and the price is cheap, maybe it IS cheap! Want an affordable, permanent building which WILL stand up to the elements – then a pole building is probably the solution! And yes, you can get engineer sealed drawings plus full calculations on any pole building from Hansen Buildings.

Shade Shelters

Welcome to Ask the Pole Barn Guru – where you can ask questions about building topics, with answers posted on Mondays.  With many questions to answer, please be patient to watch for yours to come up on a future Monday or Saturday segment.  If you want a quick answer, please be sure to answer with a “reply-able” email address.

Email all questions to: PoleBarnGuru@HansenPoleBuildings.com

DEAR POLE BARN GURU:I just want to build a carport 25′ to 30′ away from my house on the north side. Do you sell “Shade Shelters” or anything along that line? FLYING IN FLORIDA

DEAR FLYING: Post frame (pole) buildings are probably the most affordable permanent carport structure. Unlike the “fly aways” which are seemingly sold on every street corner for $799, your pole building carport will last a lifetime, and longer. All we need to know is how much area you need to cover, and what the tallest thing is which you need to park under it, and we can design your solution. Shade shelters are quickly and easily constructed, most often by homeowners just like you.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Hello, I am contractor assembling one of your pole building kit packages.
Would you send me details for flashing the building please?
-Corner flashing.
-End capping the cut ends at top.
-Where do the corrugated foam strips reside?
-Roof panel overhang on the sides and ends.
-Door trim flashing


DEAR WISHING: All of these are covered in depth in the Construction Manual which was provided to your client after purchase. If your client has not shared it with you, you should ask him for the big white binder which was sent to him. Every piece of trim has a diagram showing what it is along with the code used by the steel company. Detailed drawings show where each piece goes on the building.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU:Hi, What is the cost per square foot…please to construct a pole barn 30 x 80  please. I thank you so very much…. CONFUSED IN CONNECTICUT

DEAR CONFUSED: There is such a myriad of possibilities in any given foot print which could cause the price per square foot to be very low – if it was a low eave height, roof only building, with no roof insulation and a non-painted roof. Or it could be very high, if it was multiple stories with a plethora of doors, windows, framed ready to be insulated and drywalled.

I liken this question to, “How much will it cost to remodel a bathroom?” It all depends on what features you pick – and add to the calculation loadings such as wind load, snow load and you have a complex formula. The corners are what cost the most, so going up in size – up to a certain width, the cost per square foot goes DOWN. So getting a price on a 30x80x10’ and then getting a price on a 30x70x20’ and wondering why a smaller footprint is “higher” – you can see how complicated it gets by changing the height. Best advice is to pick up the phone – call one of our building designers and with a few keystrokes they can tell you what making your building taller, shorter, wider, longer – any usual feature will do to the price – all in a matter of seconds And they will help you to design what you actually need to solve your “problem”, using the best design to give you the most bang for your buck. Try it….it’s quick and painless – and best of all – FREE.

Column Wraps

More and more, post frame buildings are being utilized for homes. And with good reason – they are cost affordable and can be easily constructed by the average weekend warrior.

The trend in all residential construction is towards a return to traditional and vintage home styles, with columns standing out as one of the hallmarks of the front porch. Frequently seen features on residential pole buildings are roof only side sheds, carports and wrap around porches. While, in most cases, the exposed building columns at the outsides of these areas are left exposed to the weather – a new option does exist.

To add elegance and distinction to any of these installations, without additional time and labor, AZEK Building Products has introduced AZEK Column Wraps to its trim product line-up.

Research shows the ability to create custom looks without additional labor and costs is a high priority for consumers and contractors installing porches and columns. AZEK Column Wrap, made of durable cellular pvc with beauty and low-maintenance, is an easy to install system. During installation, three connected panels and a fourth “locking” panel wrap easily around the structural support with miter locked seams and nicely finished corners.

column wrapsAZEK Column Wraps come in sizes that fit around 4 X 4, 6 X 6 and 8 X 8 posts and is available in 10ft. lengths so it can be customized to fit any application up to these heights.  AZEK Column Wrap does not require additional milling or painting, although it has excellent paint adhesion if a color is desired. And, like all AZEK Trim products, the new AZEK Column Wraps resist cupping, swelling and chipping for lasting good looks.

Available in white matte, smooth Traditional surface, AZEK Column Wrap can be easily embellished with AZEK Trim or AZEK Moulding profiles. Like all AZEK Trim products, AZEK Column Wraps are designed to last beautifully, impervious to moisture and insects and covered by a 25-year Limited Warranty.

Interested in having a pole building home with a look one up from “the Joneses”? Column Wraps might be the way to go.