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Mike the Pole Barn Guru: My Humble Thanks

When Mike the Pole Barn Guru blog was first begun two years ago, I had it in my mind it might be possible to write on say 100 or so topics, provided I really put my mind to it.

For those who are keeping track, this happens to be blog #500!! And yes, there are those who do keep track. I’ve received emails from clients who have referenced blogs by number – “remember back in blog #253 when you said….”

Besides you, who reads my posts? Co-workers; others in the post frame, lumber and construction industry; past, current and future clients; Building Officials; Registered Design Professionals (architects and engineers), the list is seemingly endless.

I have to give thanks to these thousands of subscribers who read my posts every single work day. Networkedblogs.com has Mike the Pole Barn Guru Blog ranked as the fourth most followed construction blog – ON THE PLANET!!

And never would I have guessed some of my posts would have been read by 70,000 people. I am overwhelmed.

Why do I keep writing?

Because I get feedback, support and comments about the posts on an almost hourly basis. As long as I can continue to keep readers entertained and educated, then it is worth the effort.

sticky notes of blog topicsThe most difficult part for me, is how to decide what to write about next! At last count (remember I thought I might make it to #100), I have over 700 topics yet to write about. My darling bride laughs at me when she sees me dragging out my huge stack of “topics” written on post it notes.

Even though I have so many topics to write about now, I am always on the lookout for more. Have a topic you would like to have addressed, feel free to shout it out to me. Chances are, if one person has an interest, hundreds more will as well.

Thank you to all readers…for your continued support and inspiration.  And mostly – for contributed so much of the “fun” factor in my job.

Onward towards #1000!

Write to me at: PoleBarnGuru@HansenPoleBuildings.com


The 200th Construction Blog

Just over nine months ago, I embarked upon what has turned out to be a fascinating journey – writing this blog.

Originally I thought 100 or maybe 150 posts down the pike, I’d be entirely out of subjects to write about. Seriously – how is it anyone can find so much to write about pole buildings?

It rather reminds me of a story from when I first owned my own pole building business. I got started back in 1981, as a one man show. By 1983, business was booming and I needed help handling the huge influx of clients.

When I moved to Oregon, from Spokane, in 1979, I had taken a job managing the roof truss manufacturing facility for Lucas Plywood and Lumber, in Salem. I quickly became friends with one of the lumber salesmen there – Mike Oglevie. Mike and I were about the same age, we were both married young and were each raising two children – a girl and a boy.

When I needed help, I called upon Mike. Mike told me he would come to work for me, helping to sell pole building kit packages, because I was his friend and he trusted me, however he was certain within a year we would have sold every pole building there was to be sold, and we would both be out of jobs! For Mike, it was a career he would be in for over 25 years! Somewhere out there is the last pole building, but not within my lifetime (or Mike’s).

Blogs have turned out to be the same way.  Every time one gets written, it seems I find two more topics to write about.

My wife laughs at me – she knows I have literally hundreds of post it notes covered with future topics all over my computer and desk! Subjects have come from all different sources – the Building Designers at Hansen Buildings, builders, competitors, building officials and most importantly… clients.

These blog posts have resulted in my being referenced by Building Officials, requests to write articles for magazines and other publications, as well as speaking engagements. I’ve learned a lot, as I like to do research for many of them. If I am going to write on a topic, I want to do the best job to impart the most accurate and most recent information. This has also become one of the most widely read construction industry blogs on the planet!

Have a topic which I have not covered? Please let me know and every reasonable effort will be made to address it. In the meantime, off to write #201!