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DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Can the kit be shipped international, like Philippines? ERIC in SUSANVILLE

DEAR ERIC: Post frame building kit packages can be shipped anywhere on the planet. In most cases, the components are delivered to the docks – in your case most likely the Port of Tacoma or Seattle, where it is reloaded into a container. As containers have a maximum exterior length of 40 feet, it will limit the length of any prefabricated wood roof trusses, unless they are designed to be built in halves and field connected.

Many countries will require the lumber to be treated with a fungicide in order to prevent possible contamination of their own forest resources.


The furthest I have personally shipped to has been Saipan.


DEAR POLE BARN GURU: I really like the idea of post frame construction for residential, not because it is cheaper but because I believe it is stronger. Maybe I should qualify that by saying it is stronger laterally (horizontally) but probably not vertically. What I envision as post frame is having posts made of pressure treated lumber like 6×6, 8×8 etc set deep in the ground in concrete, and these posts would extend to the top of the wall or where the roof begins.

My question is do you know of methods of treating the wood so that it does not rot so quickly? I was thinking that if one were to coat the wood in epoxy resin that would help greatly, but I don’t know. Or could you not encase it in some kind of liquid plastic that once dried you would stick the post in the ground. Thanks. JACK in COBB

DEAR JACK: Post frame buildings are actually incredibly strong in the vertical (compressive) direction as properly braced timbers can withstand a very large downward force. Post frame buildings will be more economical than any other permanent building system, as well as affording greater flexibility for architectural design.

Properly pressure preservative treated lumber will outlive you, me and probably our grandchildren. If I did not believe so, I would not have invested the money in owning three of them myself, including the 8000 square foot finished building we live in. If you are yet concerned about longevity, there are currently available commercial products which will isolate the columns from the surrounding encasement (


DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Hi Mike, I recently found this blog and man is it helpful. I have been remodeling a 1977 24×40 pole building. Never had one before and I’m learning as I go… hoping I can build a new one later in my life I’m only 29. I completely replaced the roof/trusses etc. and installed bubble insulation under steel for condensation. No soffit only Ridge vent. I want to seal up my gables up to peak. How should I do this? Solid closure strips? Vented closure strips? Or Emseal AST? Thanks for your help and hopefully I can order a new building from you in the future. ZACH in BLACK CREEK

DEAR ZACH: Thank you very much for your kind words! I will guess your building has no endwall overhangs, if this is the case the best way to seal up those endwalls is to use Emseal AST ( between the rake trims and the endwall steel.


If you have endwall overhangs, you should be able to use spray foam in a can (such as Great Stuff or Tite Foam) from inside of the building to spray up the high ribs of the endwall steel.


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