When is Too Small for a Pole Barn?

Reader JENNIFER from CANON CITY writes:
“Is there such a thing as too small of a pole barn to build? I am wanting a shed/hobby space with enough height to make a loft in the future. Due to setbacks and sewer lines, I can only do a 12’X26′ building. Plans for pole barns begin at 20′ or 24′ in width. I absolutely love the concept of the pole barn because I can get the structure set up quickly, then add plumbing, electric, slab floor and loft later as my budget allows. Wish I only needed a 10’X12″ shed that does not require a permit for my needs, but I am in an in-between size that may be too small for a pole barn build.”

About Hansen BuildingsOne of the beauties of post frame (pole barn) construction is it lends itself to buildings of any dimension – from what might be considered tiny to covering an acre or more!



Searching the deepest archives of my fading memory, I believe the smallest I have been involved with is about six feet square, to be used as a pump house. Regardless of the dimensions, it is going to be pretty tough to find an alternative construction method which will yield such a cost effective permanent structure as post frame.

In the case of a Hansen Pole Buildings, our Instant Pricing™ program allows for our clients to get exactly the dimensions they desire – width, length, height and roof slope down to fractions of an inch, without having to pay a premium! Your investment is not going to be predicated upon some larger size which happens to be a “standard”.

I always encourage clients to construct the largest building which will fit on their available space and within their budget. It appears working around the limitations of your property, you are planning exactly as I would.

Whether large or small, post frame construction is most likely the answer!

2 thoughts on “When is Too Small for a Pole Barn?

  1. I’m needing a 10×16 shed to store tools and was wondering if a pole barn would be a good option instead of slab and stick building one.


    1. If you are looking to do a Code conforming, permanent structure, then a pole barn is probably a great solution. Most jurisdiction do not require building permits for structures this size, so many get stick framed on top of just a four inch thick slab – which is inadequate to support roof loads and makes no provision to prevent frost heaves.


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