Emseal ® Self Expanding Sealant Tape Closures

EmsealThe Hansen Pole Buildings warehouse is an older pole building, which did not have closures under the ridge cap. To compound the problem – the ridge cap was nailed on! Luckily, one of the products we sell is an Emseal ® AST expanding foam closure strip which comes in a very thin roll, but expands to an inch square once installed. These expandable closures will stick to nearly anything, and can be a gooey mess to work with, but they did the trick in our case. They really do stick and seal!

AST is a self-adhering tape seal made from resilient, open-cell polyurethane foam impregnated with a water-based acrylic-modified asphalt emulsion and then compressed to a sealing density level appropriate to the application. Typically, higher compression levels are required for watertightness in water run-off applications; lower compression can be used, for example, for snow seals at roof ridges. AST replaces and outperforms liquid and butyl-tape sealants as well as closed-cell and unimpregnated open-cell foam closures.

AST sealant tape is used to seal out dust, air, wind-driven snow, and moisture through joint details in metal buildings and roofs. AST is ideal as a filler in expansion/compression joints subject to movement from thermal expansion and contraction, and as a gasket in mechanically fastened, non-moving applications such as lap seams. AST is suitable for use against metal, plastic, wood, concrete, and other materials common in metal building structures.

Product Features:

  • Will not dry out and become hard and brittle
  • UV-stable
  • Highly resistant to bugs and vermin
  • Will not extrude from between joints like caulk or butyl tapes
  • Conforms to contours and fills gaps
  • Maintains a seal during thermal expansion and contraction of building panels
  • Excellent compressibility and recovery (minimal compression set)
  • Good thermal and sound insulator
  • No shrinkage or blow-out due to closed-cell breakage
  • Supplied with self-adhesive on one side. After removal of packaging, material begins gradual expansion – more slowly in cold weather than in hot.

AST is supplied standard on Hansen Pole Building kit packages to seal angled roof cuts on steel roofing, such as on top of valley flashing and beneath ridge caps on hips. It is also used beneath rake trims on flying gables and widow’s peaks.

For those who are looking for a very tightly sealed post frame (pole) building, they are an ideal and affordable solution for use at the tops of endwalls beneath rake trims (in applications where no endwall overhangs are present). Small pieces may also be used at the top and bottoms of corner trims and the low edge of rake trims.

Looking to keep every possible small flying critter out? Then a little Emseal® AST might be the solution.

8 thoughts on “Emseal ® Self Expanding Sealant Tape Closures

  1. Our existing “pole barn” garage is 32’ x 50’. It houses classic cars but we feel it isn’t sealed off properly across the ridge vent. This year, especially, we had a lot of pine needles inside which landed on the cars. We have seen bird droppings as well, so we know we have had at least one uninvited guest. How hard would this be to install and would it fix the issue? The garage was just built in Nov 2016. How much would this cost us and what would be shipping costs to 45631?

    1. admin Post author

      It sounds like whomever erected your building neglected to place closure strips under the ridge cap 🙁 Other than the product is sticky, you will just need to remove the screws holding the ridge cap in place place the emseal and put the screws back in (using same holes).

  2. I have a 30×40 pole barn – it had ridged foam pieces that filled the gap in the roof ridge – however, they are falling out. Is the Self Expanding tape a better solution? Can it be applied from inside? Or does it require getting on the roof?
    If better solution than I would like to buy some.

    1. It would be very difficult (if not impossible) to install from inside. Best solution is to remove ridge cap and old closures, install either Emseal or UV resistant form fitted closures and reinstall ridge cap so screws go through the new closures. Use larger diameter stitch screws (do not reuse old screws).


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