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All Cheese Does Not Come From Wisconsin

In providing pole barn kit (post frame) packages all over the United States, we do NOT ship roof trusses from our facilities in Browns Valley, Minnesota. Hansen Pole Buildings is about being efficient for our clients, which means outsourcing components when it is the most practical solution. As such, we have developed relationships with roof truss manufacturers all across America.

When a website comes across my desk with, “BEST PRICE GUARANTEE ON POLE BARN TRUSSES FOR SALE” I just had to check it out – even though the website (in my humble opinion) is one of the cheesiest productions I have ever seen.

My spelling hat right away catches the word “Manufacure” boldly displayed on the website!

Having spent my entire adult life either manufacturing or purchasing trusses all across the U.S., I am afraid I call B.S. on this one.

When I see stuff like this, I just can’t resist checking everything out.

Nowhere on this website (or many other ones I found which are owned by the same person) does it give any address – but I did a reverse search from the phone number and found…..

The “business” or “businesses” are located in a small Northeast town. The owner appears to be a small time remodel contractor under more than one name. I could not find any information at all on him or any business of his with the Better Business Bureau, or his state’s business registration division.

pole barn contractorBesides offering the Best Price Guarantee on pole barn trusses, he also offers a “$250 Guaranteed Best Pole Barn Kits Prices on Pole Barn Kits For Sale”!! On the website is “Our Experience Counts”…. considering I know pretty well everybody who is anyone in the pole building industry – they may not be counting very well.

Not interested in pole barn kits or pole barn trusses today? Don’t need a remodel, deck, drywall or masonry work? Don’t fret, as the same guy also offers a book (appearing to be of similar quality to his websites) on “Retail Furniture Selling Techniques”. I am just scratching my head on this one.

I didn’t take away a lot from Architecture school, but I did learn, “Presentation is Everything”. A great quality website doesn’t guarantee a great buying experience, however a poor one generally guarantees it will be an experience you will want to forget.

Usually I have no problem listing URL’s for websites such as these, but in this case I feel I’d be sending folks to their doom.

I did go through what materials they use, their basic design, and sorry to say – this is a blog for another day. I’m still trying to recover from seeing so much…cheese, and all in one place.

The moral of the story – thoroughly vet out ANY BUSINESS or individual you are considering making a major investment with. Including us!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll give you tips on how to check out an internet business – such as – Hansen Buildings.

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