Rapid Fire Nail Gun

This is so funny, I just had to share it!  Make sure you read this all the way to the bottom.

AR Nail Gun

This is a must for all the men out there who like to build things!

The new nail gun, made by DeWalt can drive a 16D nail through a 2×4 at 200 yards. This nail gun makes construction a breeze, as the “shooter” can sit in a lawn chair and build a fence. Just get the wife to hold the fence boards in place while sitting back and relaxing with a cold one. When the board is in the right place just fire away. With the hundred round magazine, a fence can be built with a minimum of reloading. After a day of fence building with the new DeWalt Rapid Fire nail gun, the wife will not ask for anything to be fixed or built again.

Also available with the IR scope option – for night time fence building.

It is also DeWalt’s answer to home protection which doesn’t require a registration or license.  In case of a home invasion well you can NAIL THEIR butts to the wall! I’m not saying it won’t kill the perp but they won’t get away.  This is truly how to adapt and overcome so Thanks DeWalt.

In the words of a satisfied owner: “I love mine !!! Works great!!!!! I got the optional 500,000 mag. with the starlite scope. Super great. The barrel will over heat a bit after 200,000 rounds but it pumps them out in under 10 seconds. Works great on deer but it takes about 100 direct hits. Haven’t tried it out on hogs yet. One of my friends has told me it works OK. but you have to hit them at least 1000 direct hits and don’t miss; it pisses them off something awful. Best of luck and good hunting.”

And Now….the REST of the story….

The photograph displayed above has intrigued many power tool buffs and firearm aficionados, but the item depicted in not a product of the DeWalt corporation (or any other tool or firearm manufacturer), it isn’t a real power tool, it doesn’t fire nails, and it isn’t a weapon which legally skirts applicable laws regarding the sale, use, or ownership of firearms.

The “rapid-fire nail gun” is a standard M-4 semi-automatic rifle, fitted with parts from various DeWalt power tools. This hybrid creation sprang from the imagination of a David Wiggins.

It’s just….a good story.  My wife didn’t think it was particularly humorous, but us guys….well, our innate cave man hunting instinct finds this “too good to be true.”  And it is. Have a good day!

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