Double Hung Windows

True confession time….. (‘most everyone loves it when I fess up to something, don’t they?)….

Double Hung Pole Barn WindowI have never sold a double hung window to a client, installed one as a builder, or owned a building which had double hung windows.

Whew – I feel so much better having gotten this off my chest.

There are lots of choices to make, when it comes to deciding upon windows for a new post frame building. Often times it comes down to the two Bs (not B.S.) – benefit and budget.

The style of the window is going to play a large part in the Bs. Sliding windows and single-hung are going to be very similar in price per square foot of glass.

For a traditional style with many other benefits, consider double hung windows. Double hung windows are designed to open from the top or the bottom. The top sash slides down and the lower sash slides up. Single hung windows look similar, but only the lower sash opens. Due to more moving parts, double hung windows will cost more. For a fairly standard size, such as three foot wide by four foot tall, this cost difference is about $50 per window. The versatility of double hung windows provides for a wide range of ventilation options, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Most modern double hung windows are designed for ease of cleaning. Both the upper and lower sashes tilt in. This means that you can clean the outsides of upper story windows from the inside, eliminating the need to hassle with ladders, scaffolding, or long-handled tools.

My wife’s experience…she tells me she had double hung windows in the last house she lived in, and LOVED them.  She said she could clean the windows totally from the inside, and didn’t have to run outside, and drag a ladder around to clean the outsides. If the weather was cold, windy, same thing…cleaning from the inside went faster and with less hassle.  She also could reach the interiors of the window frames much easier.

Modern double hung windows are designed with double or even triple panes with an air pocket sandwiched between. This provides for energy efficiency without the trouble of putting on storm windows or plastic sheeting.

There are some valuable features to look for when choosing double hung windows. One of these is low E glass, which restricts ultraviolet rays. In warm climates, heat-absorbing glass may be desirable. Look for a specially designed balance system (such as the Silver Line® 3000 Series) which eliminates the weights and pulleys of older double hung windows. For just a few extra dollars double pane windows can be filled with inert argon gas instead of plain air. Better manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty on their windows, valid as long as the original purchaser owns the pole building.

For opening windows on the second floor of a pole barn, double hung certainly appears to be a choice worth considering.

3 thoughts on “Double Hung Windows

  1. My wife and I are looking into getting new windows in our house and we want them to be unique and different from the different options that are available. Like you mentioned, they are a nice option because both the top and bottom can be opened and they can be completely cleaned from the inside of the house which is a nice benefit. I think that my wife would love to be able to experience the double-hung windows so that she can have more options and so that we can clean them so much more easily.

  2. I liked what it says that double-hung windows provide a wide range of ventilation. My wife and I decided to renovate our living room to add more space. we will consider your idea of having double-hung windows.


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