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Safely Erecting Post Frame Buildings

Safely Erecting Post Frame Buildings

Most post frame buildings can be easily erected DIY (do it yourself) by an average physically capable person who can and will read instructions. In fact, most DIY post frame buildings turn out far nicer (in quality of workmanship) than those done by professional builders – because as a building owner, you care deeply about your finished building.

Safety in erection has to be paramount.  Building materials and indeed entire buildings can be replaced, human lives cannot.  Hansen Pole Buildings’ Construction Manual devotes an entire 11 page chapter devoted strictly to safe handling and temporary bracing of roof trusses during installation. Personally being a prefabricated metal plate connected wood roof truss manufacturer, I have witnessed devastating results from failure to follow safe erection procedures.

From wwnytv.com of June 24, 2020 (disclaimer – not a Hansen Pole Building):

“BLACK RIVER, N.Y. (WWNY) – Three people were hurt when the roof of a building under construction collapsed Wednesday afternoon just outside the village of Black River.

Emergency crews were called to Black River Electrical Mechanical at 29641 Maple Street at 1:38 p.m.

One person suffered serious injuries and was airlifted from the scene to University Hospital in Syracuse. Two others suffered minor injuries and were taken by ambulance to Watertown’s Samaritan Medical Center.

“They were putting an addition on the building,” said Lt. Bob Simpson of the New York State Police. “It appears the truss roof system collapsed for an unknown reason at this time.

One neighbor told 7 News reporter Emily Griffin that high winds all day might have played a role in the collapse.

“I think they shouldn’t be working in this windy, this strong wind,” Han Jiang said. “They should not.”

Neighbors said the roof was nearly finished when it collapsed and that the building was intended to store coal.”

Now keep in mind, this story is an instance involving professional builders, who oftentimes take unnecessary risks or have been poorly (or not at all) trained in proper procedures.

At Hansen Pole Buildings, we want our clients to live to enjoy their new post frame buildings – so we go to extra lengths to provide safe installation procedures along with “how to do it”.