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Prefabricated Endwall Trusses

Most post frame (pole) buildings use prefabricated wood roof trusses to support their roof systems. Luckily (as well) most of these also use a truss on each endwall, rather than having crews (or unsuspecting DIYers) cobbling together rafters onsite.

As a former owner of two prefabricated metal connector plated truss companies for 17 years, this photo makes me cringe. Why?

This 40 foot span truss is being picked up at its peak alone!

A document known as BCSI-B10 is produced jointly by WTCA (Wood Truss Council of America) and TPI (Truss Plate Institute). This eight page document covers “Post Frame Truss Installation and Bracing”. It is in the Hansen Pole Buildings’ Construction Manual (included with an investment in any Hansen Pole Buildings’ post frame kit package) and should be furnished at any post frame roof truss delivery as well.

On Page Three under ‘Mechanical Installation’, is specifically stated (in red even), “Do not lift trusses with spans greater than 30’ by the peak”. Pretty clear and is even written in Spanish, “No levanter trusses con vanor mas de 30 pies por el cumbre”.

Doing so risks truss failure due to damaged steel connector plates or cracked truss members. Just do not do it.

Now, an even bigger cringe!

Trusses with only vertical studs for web members (like in this photo) are designed only to transfer vertical loads directly downward to a continuous bearing wall. Looking at this photo, there is no bearing wall for this truss to rest upon. In reality, only rarely would a post frame endwall be designed with structural provisions for a truss like this to be used on an end!

I see this incidence all too often and am unsure if it is due to ignorance by whomever is placing orders or ignorance by truss manufacturers.  In either case, this is an improper use of a non-structural endwall truss and could easily result in a building failure.

Adding insult to injury, vertically studded endwall trusses are usually more expensive than structural trusses AND they are only effective with non-steel siding!

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