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Money-Saving Tips for Building Your Pole Barn

Affordable horse barnThere are two types of pole building owners: those who like to build it themselves, and those who trust expert builders to masterfully construct their dream pole barn. Hansen Pole Buildings guides both types of owners in the careful selection of materials and designs that are the right balance of luxury, utility, and affordability.

But for the sticklers who want to squeeze every last penny out of their pole barn construction, we recommend considering the following money-saving techniques to save on pole building costs.

Buying Long-Lasting, Not Cheap, Materials

It’s tempting to see how low your pole building price can go on your pole barn materials. But don’t forget: the buildings are affordable even when you spring for quality material upgrades.

  • Doors – If you want to pay less (and do less maintenance) in the long-run, choose a door that won’t warp or stick when the weather changes. Buy a frame that won’t wear away too quickly, and purchase hinges that will support the weight of your door for a long time without bending.
  • Steel – Yes, there are differences in steel quality and thickness that can affect the lifespan of your pole building. Hansen Buildings is experienced in sourcing materials and can help determine what gauge of steel your pole barn frame will support.
  • Insulation – Your type of insulation may vary depending on how you use your pole barn. Ask your pole building craftsmen or Hansen Buildings what type of insulation will hold in heat and cool air most effectively, especially if you are living in it or you plan to keep animals in it. You’ll save tons on energy and maintenance if you do.

It may raise your upfront costs of your pole barn to invest in quality materials, but you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have high energy and maintenance bills arriving monthly.

Ensuring Proper Support Spacing

Most building designs will require supports spaced either six or twelve feet apart, but amateur builders may space supports more narrowly, upping your material and labor costs.

If you’re building a pole barn yourself, don’t stray from the recommendations provided on your design. If you’ve hired builders, be sure to check their work against your pole barn plans, and address your concerns about differences in construction as early as possible.

Performing Up-Front Façade Planning

Especially when building for residential needs, customers commonly become concerned about the outer appearance of their pole barns. When trying to achieve the look of a traditional house, clients tend to opt for expensive siding and roofing options that could, instead, be addressed during the design phase of the pole building.

Designers like Hansen Pole Buildings work with novice and veteran customers alike to produce pole buildings that match the function and aesthetic intended by the customer. Ask your pole building craftsmen about clever ways to improve the look and feel of your pole barn exterior without getting burned on pole building price, such as:

  • Changing the roof style of the building – gambrel roofs and double gables make aesthetically interesting buildings from rectangular bases.
  • Installing different door styles – sliding doors and garage doors can add a touch of country or suburb to your pole building quickly and easily.
  • Adding plenty of windows – windows vary the look of large spans of wall and, as a bonus, let in lots of natural light, which expands your already wide pole barn interior.
  • Customizing with a deck or porch – raised or flat, a quality deck is an affordable add-on that will spruce up your exterior without making expensive changes to your pole barn plans.

Selecting Appropriate Insulation

Not only do you want to buy a quality insulation, you’ll want to install it to meet your specific needs as well. Try some of these money-saving insulation solutions to save on pole barn costs:

  • Liner system – a steel liner system is easier to install and less expensive than drywall when considering the installation and painting costs, and is better suited to temperature changes in steel buildings.
  • Condensation control – whether you have insulation or not, condensation control will help keep temperatures level and humidity normalized.

Remember to carefully consider your insulation material options as well. Fiberglass is the standard and tends to be more affordable, but foam insulation may last longer despite its relative expense. Cellulose will help you insulate if you have an attic; it can be blown into attic spaces to prevent air flow from the interior of the building.

Work with Your Pole Building Experts

Above all, the best way to save money on your pole building is to set your expectations correctly with your pole building designers and builders. Quality experts and construction specialists will help you maximize the potential of your building without compromising on pole building prices. Do your research, find companies you can trust, and monitor the construction of your building to keep your pole building cost as low as possible.

Steel Price Increase

I have to admit, steel price increases have in the past, been huge drivers of business. My own personal opinion is I would rather see your hard earned money stay in YOUR pocket, instead of the pockets of some faceless corporation. I know I work hard for my money, I am sure you work hard for yours as well.

When I was primarily selling pole buildings, my all-time best sales day (as far as individuals who became happily involved in new post frame building kit packages) was Friday, February 27, 1981. A significant price increase in steel roofing and siding went into effect March 1 and I ended up selling 13 pole barns to 13 different clients on this one day alone!

Yes, I was busy.

steel roofingFast forwarding to today’s world – we (as in the Hansen Pole Buildings we) buy a fair amount of steel roofing and siding. For one of our vendors, we happen to be (at least at last report) their second largest client nationwide. While this does give us a certain amount of ‘clout’ it does not mean we are able to get around their increased cost of doing business.

We’ve already been forewarned of price hikes happening in March, and just received this notification in the past few days, from the regional manager of one of our steel vendors:

I wanted to contact you to let you know that the steel prices are looking very volatile this summer. As you’re aware, we have an increase coming May 16th. I just received notice that we will be announcing a double-digit increase to come in June as well. This increase is due to lower domestic capacity, increased raw material costs and a reduction in the flow of import steel as a result of pending trade cases, and our costs are continuing to rise on almost a daily basis. These increases are real and are impacting everyone. As your partner, I wanted to give you as much of a heads-up as possible so we can plan accordingly.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I truly appreciate your business.”

What does this mean to you as a consumer and future pole building owner and what can you do about it?

A double-digit increase in the cost of steel siding is going to result in approximately one-half of this being a direct increase in the materials costs of your new building.

If you are planning upon a new building in 2016 ORDER IT NOW!

In most cases you will need to take a prompt delivery of the roofing and siding, in order to lock in the pricing however it can be relatively easily stored and takes up very little room as the skids are typically 40-42 inches in width.

As a  responsible  business  advisor to  Hansen Pole  Buildings, I want to do everything  in my power to see  you  get the  biggest bang for your buck. Call now.




Eight Reasons You Will Pay More for a Hansen Pole Building

Everyone always wants to pay as little as possible, right? Well, maybe not.

Wearing shoes right now? If so, look down at them. If they are a generic brand from a discount store, then maybe you are one of the few who fit into the always paying as little as possible group. There is a chance you might not be a match for a new Hansen Pole Building.

hansen pole buildings customerI’ve had clients tell me my pole building price quote was lower than anyone else’s, and my response is always, “It was purely by accident, as our price should never be the lowest”.

Historically we’ve found our clients will willingly pay more for our pole building kits than an “apparently” similar building from another provider.

Here is why:

1.    Our buildings are easier to order.

No futzing around with complicated purchasing and payment options. No need to even write out a check or address an envelope. We’ve streamlined the process of ordering, so everything can be quickly done online, from wherever you are absolutely comfortable.

2.    Our buildings arrive more quickly.

Just like me, once you make up your mind, you want it now, especially when it involves our hard earned money. We reward those who like quick gratification, with things like instant ability to review installation instructions online, online preview of personalized building plans prior to printing and the quickest delivery in the industry on 100% customized buildings.

3.    We have “must have” features.

Whether it is the ability to design buildings just the way you want for features, detailed full sized 24” x 36” blueprints, step-by-step complete instructions, or features such as insulation with adhesive pull strips, powder coated screws or our all but bullet proof commercial steel entry doors – chances are we have your “must have”.

4.    Luxury Sedan at Two Door Pricing.

When it comes to value for the dollar spent, our clients will tell anyone their new Hansen Pole Building was it. No other building compares to the strength and might of a Classic Hansen Pole Building.

5.    Lower Cost of Ownership.

It’s not all about the price…it’s about the time and money you spend after you purchase. Sure we have more expensive, stronger components and better warrantees (find another other pole building kit package which offers a limited lifetime structural warranty), but how much does it cost to replace an entry door when the wood jambs fail, or the door rusts out due to being only primed? Or worse, vandals kick it in and you lose irreplaceable valuables?

6.    Friendly Customer Service.

We understand the anger (or even hatred) buyers feel when they experience horrible customer service. We looked for JD Power and Associates Award winning performance in handling online accounts, found it and adapted it specifically for the post frame industry. Easily accessible 24/7 from any computer or Smartphone. Calling in? It is ALWAYS “A Great Day at Hansen Pole Buildings”.

7.    The price difference isn’t worth the hassle.

Ask any other pole building kit to provider to match all of the Hansen Pole Buildings’ features and benefits exactly – there is not a single one who can. Even though we may be a few dollars more on the investment side, because the competitor’s quality was lacking, the price difference isn’t worth the hassle. Your time is too valuable, when we will guarantee the best price for quality – every time.

8.     Like Us, We Like You

Face it, we are all human and humans prefer doing business with their friends. If you are one of the approximately 30,000 people who read this blog five days a week, I count you among my friends. You friend us on Facebook and read our tweets on Twitter! We are personable, because we care – to us, it is all about you and your new building!

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