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Eight Reasons You Will Pay More for a Hansen Pole Building

Everyone always wants to pay as little as possible, right? Well, maybe not.

Wearing shoes right now? If so, look down at them. If they are a generic brand from a discount store, then maybe you are one of the few who fit into the always paying as little as possible group. There is a chance you might not be a match for a new Hansen Pole Building.

hansen pole buildings customerI’ve had clients tell me my pole building price quote was lower than anyone else’s, and my response is always, “It was purely by accident, as our price should never be the lowest”.

Historically we’ve found our clients will willingly pay more for our pole building kits than an “apparently” similar building from another provider.

Here is why:

1.    Our buildings are easier to order.

No futzing around with complicated purchasing and payment options. No need to even write out a check or address an envelope. We’ve streamlined the process of ordering, so everything can be quickly done online, from wherever you are absolutely comfortable.

2.    Our buildings arrive more quickly.

Just like me, once you make up your mind, you want it now, especially when it involves our hard earned money. We reward those who like quick gratification, with things like instant ability to review installation instructions online, online preview of personalized building plans prior to printing and the quickest delivery in the industry on 100% customized buildings.

3.    We have “must have” features.

Whether it is the ability to design buildings just the way you want for features, detailed full sized 24” x 36” blueprints, step-by-step complete instructions, or features such as insulation with adhesive pull strips, powder coated screws or our all but bullet proof commercial steel entry doors – chances are we have your “must have”.

4.    Luxury Sedan at Two Door Pricing.

When it comes to value for the dollar spent, our clients will tell anyone their new Hansen Pole Building was it. No other building compares to the strength and might of a Classic Hansen Pole Building.

5.    Lower Cost of Ownership.

It’s not all about the price…it’s about the time and money you spend after you purchase. Sure we have more expensive, stronger components and better warrantees (find another other pole building kit package which offers a limited lifetime structural warranty), but how much does it cost to replace an entry door when the wood jambs fail, or the door rusts out due to being only primed? Or worse, vandals kick it in and you lose irreplaceable valuables?

6.    Friendly Customer Service.

We understand the anger (or even hatred) buyers feel when they experience horrible customer service. We looked for JD Power and Associates Award winning performance in handling online accounts, found it and adapted it specifically for the post frame industry. Easily accessible 24/7 from any computer or Smartphone. Calling in? It is ALWAYS “A Great Day at Hansen Pole Buildings”.

7.    The price difference isn’t worth the hassle.

Ask any other pole building kit to provider to match all of the Hansen Pole Buildings’ features and benefits exactly – there is not a single one who can. Even though we may be a few dollars more on the investment side, because the competitor’s quality was lacking, the price difference isn’t worth the hassle. Your time is too valuable, when we will guarantee the best price for quality – every time.

8.     Like Us, We Like You

Face it, we are all human and humans prefer doing business with their friends. If you are one of the approximately 30,000 people who read this blog five days a week, I count you among my friends. You friend us on Facebook and read our tweets on Twitter! We are personable, because we care – to us, it is all about you and your new building!