Dear Pole Barn Guru: How Much Should My Steel Overhang

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Why in your manual is there a difference in overhang dimension of the roofing material on page 118 and page 369. One says 2 ¼-2 ½ “ and the other says 1 ½-1 ¾ “? I used the 1 ½-1 ¾” overhand since I have a 12” overhang. Thank you for your help. SCOTT IN DULLES

DEAR SCOTT:  Page 118 of the Construction Manual is for buildings without overhangs, you have used the correct dimension, which is in cases with overhangs.

As to why the difference – without overhangs, the roof steel needs to be appropriately longer in order to compensate for the height of the ribs of the wall steel, which will be applied to the eave girt exterior face.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Hi, just wondering what kind of financing do you have and how good it and the rates? Thank you KEN IN FAIRFIELD

DEAR KEN: The primary lender for our clients is a bank, which happens to have specialists at financing post frame buildings. The rates are going to be very competitive with what you might see from your local bank or credit union, with the exception of these folks actually know what pole buildings are, which speeds along the process dramatically.

We’d encourage you to complete the information at: and hit submit to receive free, no obligation information which will be specifically tailored to your needs.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Hello. Anyone here put a theater in a shop or pole barn?

I have a 40X64X16 polebarn I built for a second shop. In November I put a couple sheets up on my 14X14 rollup door and borrowed a projector from friend and we watched a couple movies out there. Awesome. So I was hooked and purchased a few items to install my own.

I have purchased:
Optoma HD26
Favi 200″ powered screen
Denon s910w receiver
4 pairs of Pyle 8″ enclosed speakers
Already have a JBL 15″ sub but may make my own

Now my shop is mainly for tools and building all kinds of stuff. Full cabinet shops worth of wood working tools, have two metal lathes and a mill drill, also have a CNC knee mill and two CNC spindled routers, and a 3d printer. The design is such that in the new shop all the wood is worked on the south wall, cnc wood is north east, and all metal tools are in the north west area.

My HT equipment will be over with my clean area and the panel for my heated floor. in south west area. That is also my glue up rack area. I have two dust collector setups that are 5hp ea one being a 5hp cyclone. Also have some dust extractors for smaller power tools. So the wood dust is addressed as well.

The middle of the shop will be clear to drive vehicles and and my tractor through to bring materials in and take out projects. No vehicles live in my shop.

Just below the garage door tracks will live the 200″ powered screen. I have jack shaft garage door openers so no center bean for an opener. the screen is wide enough to span the doors.

Right now my ceiling is open and the trusses are exposed. Also the ceiling have T5HO lights and outlets wired already. I will hang the projector from a mount between two trusses as well. My trusses are 4′ on center.

The plan is to just setup chairs in this driveway center area when we want to watch some movies.

Anyway just wondering if people have put a projector in their polebarn at all or their shop? MIDWEST MIKIE

DEAR MIKIE: I’m sure you are not the first person to do so. I know my son has used the outside of our 16 foot wide by 14 foot tall overhead door to show movies on – similar in concept to going to the drive in.

Being audio/visual impaired, I went to the “in the know” folks and this was the input:

“The only real problem you will run into is bass, most everything else should be able to be controlled well enough, but with no actual ceiling over your theatre space (even if it has free standing walls) you’re going to have to pressurized that entire building, your talking “at least” two giant Subs with maximum output.”

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