Ideal Post Frame for Growing Cannabis

Today’s guest blogger is Alan Wood.  Alan Wood is the founder of Weekend Gardener. He has a strong passion for plants and gardens. Alan spent his life long to research and test new techniques in this field. With the aid of his son and three other associates who aren’t just fond of but are titled experts in different fields, he always tries his best to give you the latest updates and new knowledge regarding gardening.

For a hobbyist, amateurs and commercial growers of marijuana who reside in places where seasons show dramatic shifts in temperature, humidity, and climate, growing their crops inside a post frame building or a greenhouse may be the only way they can truly ensure their crop’s health. In fact, in many extreme cases, planting inside these structures maybe the only way a grower can truly cultivate these plants.

A post-frame building is ideal for extending cannabis growing season and also for protecting seedlings from various environmental conditions. As a grower, do you know what is an ideal post frame building for growing marijuana?

With complete honesty, there is no one specific all-cure design for a post frame building. Especially for cannabis, building an ideal post-frame building depends on many factors. So instead of teaching you what an ideal post frame building is for growing cannabis, we will try to guide to help you decide, strategize and build an ideal post frame building for growing your cannabis.


When planning growing structures for your crops, make sure to build a type of post-frame  building most suitable to ambient temperature and humidity in your area. Understand there are two types of post frame buildings – hot and cold. Cold frames are structures usually built to protect crops from strong winds and rain. For countries in the tropics where climate can be either very dry or very wet, cold frames are ideal. However, if you live in a colder environment where frost can potentially kill your crops, a heated post frame building, known as Hot Frame, is most suited.


Growing a tall variety of cannabis in a small post-frame building will limit plant growth and can easily take up too much space. It is very important to plant shorter strains of cannabis ones not growing above your waist. One great type of an Indica variety is Royal Cookies (80% Indica) strain. This cannabis is well known for being short. Its structure does not spread out. Another strain perfect to grow in a post-frame building is Tutankhamon. It is a Sativa-dominant strain and is quite compact and small. You will notice how short it is after just 15 days of growth.


Create a plan for your post frame building on paper. Layout how many plants your post frame building’s floor area and its estimated height will fit. 

Cold frames are usually built to be smaller than hot frames. They are also normally set directly on the ground. Hot frames will have a heat source installed to warm the whole structure. Thus, hot frames will need a higher ceiling. As we mentioned, there is no one specific ideal type of post frame building. Do not believe anyone who says otherwise. Who best can tell you what you need but yourself? 

Follow these guides above to help assess and build your ideal post frame building for cultivating cannabis.

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