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Solar Panels with Metal Roofing

With the latest technological advancements, innovations, and commercially viable implementation of thin-film solar roofing technology, we can now benefit from solar roofing products which offer revolutionary simplicity. Thin-film solar panels are light-weight, easy to install and can last a long time, requiring no penetrations to your roof.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. One of the latest technological innovations the integration of solar roofing panel laminates with steel roofing by the use of a peel and stick method.

Mess-free, light-weight and long lasting, this energy efficient roofing solution pays for itself.

Thin film solar roofing panels are light-weight and easy to install. They are made to fit standard steel roofing panels. Thin-film PV solar panels do not require any penetrations to the roof, and can be easily attached to steel panels using a revolutionary peel and stick method.

Crystalline solar panels can generate twice the amount of electricity of the thin-film solar panels. They are, however, bulkier and use a special mounting system, which requires roof penetrations. The only exception is a steel roof. You can attach a solar panel holding brackets to the raised ribs of the steel roof.

Thin-Film PV solar panels are designed to integrate seamlessly with a steel roof. They have a very low profile, which can be a significant architectural factor. They can generate electricity even on cloudy days, in the absence of direct sunlight.

Unlike the ubiquitous asphalt shingle roofs, modern steel roofing systems are made to last and can be considered permanent. They are manufactured using a significant proportion of recycled metal content, and are fully recyclable themselves, hence qualifying as sustainable green building materials.

When a steel roof is installed by a trained professional, it will last for many decades, and thus can be a permanent platform for a solar roofing system whether it’s crystalline or a thin film PV solar.

Steel roofs combined with renewable energy technologies can create a perfect combination of light-weight, long-lasting and affordable solution for Solar Electric and Solar Hot Water systems.

There are numerous benefits to having a steel roof combined with Solar PV panels, and other renewable energy technologies. Longevity, durability, and cost savings which add up over time are just a few.

When comparing shingles and steel roofing you should also consider a steel roof will help save our landfills from getting more old roofing shingles, petroleum based products, being dumped there every time an old asphalt shingle roof gets replaced.

Steel roofing provides a permanent and energy efficient roofing solution which can generate electricity when integrated with solar roofing panels, and various other solar technologies such as solar hot water systems.  If you are considering solar roofing panels, think steel roofing for your optimal combination.  Still thinking asphalt shingles with solar panels?  See my blog from yesterday and hopefully it will give you pause to reconsider.