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Changing Pole Building Plans

You Want To Add What to Your Building?

For the most part, adding random extra framing members to a new pole building kit package is not a big deal. There is at least one crucial exception – which could result in a catastrophic collapse if included.

We go to great extremes to supply original pole building plans for every client which match exactly what is to be built. Every member and connection has been checked and confirmed for its ability to carry the appropriate wind, snow and seismic loads which are to be imposed upon the structure.

To get an idea of what is encompassed by the pole building plans, read more at: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/blog/2011/10/pole_building_plans/

Our Construction Guide has some pretty straightforward advice in it, including this statement in bold AND red:

“Any deviation from building plans places responsibility for the building’s structural integrity squarely upon you.”

Am thinking if I was a client and read this, I’d make sure to do it as indicated.

It further carries on to add, “A professional has designed your Hansen Building. Rely upon their experience”. As well as, “The cost to purchase “additional” materials and/or engineering if building is not built according to pole building plans is your responsibility (or between you and your building contractor in the event one has been hired).”

We even give one last warning, on the following page – tagged with a big red STOP sign (can you tell we truly do not want people to make mistakes?):

“If anyone, including any building department plan checker, field inspector, other official, or a contractor, makes any changes or deviations from provided building plans our advice is to obtain a signed statement to the effect they have now become “designer of record”. In effect, they have assumed all liability for the building’s structural design. Again, any deviation from the building plans relieves Hansen Building, the building designer or engineer from all responsibility for project design.”

I teased you with the possibility of a failure in the first paragraph – in the photo with this article is a beautiful brand new roof only. There are a couple of add-ons which were not anticipated.

Roof Only Pole BarnFrom the sidewall columns is what would be termed as a “Y” brace. The client liked the looks of them, and the way they are fastened would cause them to fall off the building long before any negative structural issues would occur (other than them falling off the building and perhaps damaging something or injuring someone).

Looking closely – the interior columns on the sidewalls have a “knee brace” attached to them. Knee braces are a no-no….and I mean a truly BIG no-no. Read more about them: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/blog/2012/01/post-frame-construction-knee-braces/

The goal is to always create structures which will last for generations – follow the pole building plans and chances are excellent they will!

P.S. We did nicely suggest to the client he should remove the knee braces.