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Building of the Barn, Head Room for OHD, and Solar Panel Support

Today’s Guru answers questions about building of the barn, minimum headroom for an overhead garage door, and support for solar panels.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Hello! We found your website for pole barns. We’re still thinking about which option we’d like to go with, but we’re wondering if you also have a team that will do the actual building of the pole barn. If so, how much does that cost? If not, do you ever recommend a certain group to build the pole barn?

DEAR COURTNEY: Thank you very much for your interest in a new Hansen Pole Buildings’ complete kit package. We are not erection contractors in any state, our buildings are designed for an average person who can and will read instructions to successfully construction their own custom designed post frame building.
In most areas, fair market value for assembly is about 50% of what materials costs are.
Due to liability issues, we never “recommend” any builders. We can give you guidance or offer assistance in finding a builder, should this not be a project you feel comfortable undertaking.
When searching for a builder, follow this: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2013/07/contractor-6/


DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Minimum headroom required for 14 foot tall OHD. MARK in LaOTTO

DEAR MARK: A 14 foot tall overhead sectional door requires a minimum of 15-3/4” headroom. Add four more inches for an opener. https://amarr.com/commercial/service_and_support/track_details


DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Are these (post frame buildings) strong enough to support solar panels? BRIEN

DEAR BRIEN: Provided you give us the weight per square foot of the panels in advance – most certainly! We can have your new post frame building engineered to support any amount of snow load, as well as any weight of solar panels, or other materials or systems you might want to either place upon, in, or hang from the roof system, and of course the building frame which supports it.



Mike the Pole Barn Guru Back Returns to Selling Pole Buildings

Part 3 of:  Mike the Pole Barn Guru… Unemployment Line?

Back in the day…over a decade ago, I had a good friend who had created a website and was making a good living selling one single aftermarket engine part for Dodge pickups. Now this was back when most people did not have internet service, and those who did, got it at the crawling speed of dial up.

I was familiar with the ‘net, as my former construction business, Momb Steel Buildings had a website as early as the mid-1990’s (for the handful of people besides Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who could access it then).

Pointing out the success of my friend, I convinced my lovely bride pole buildings could be sold via the internet.

When I was in architecture school, my dream was to design practical, high quality, affordable buildings. Somehow, this was just not a fit with the professors I had who were busy designing edifices to themselves.

When Hansen Pole Buildings started, I wanted the “fun” job….working with clients to design their ideal dream buildings.

Long ago, I figured out – it is “All About the Building”…design pole buildings which best meet the balance of the client’s wants, needs, dreams, hopes, desires and budget. As long as those things were taken care of, everything else fell into place. Clients got great pole buildings, at prices they could afford, and we made a little bit of money on lots and lots of buildings.

Design Your Dream Pole Building

The best part for me is when clients send me pole building photos …enjoying their new building.

For the most part, I (with a little assist from technology) worked myself out of my other positions at Hansen Buildings.

Time to get back to where it all started…designing YOUR ideal dream building.

As we love to say at Hansen Buildings: Your Building. Your Way.

Now THIS is my idea of having fun!

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