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Building of the Barn, Head Room for OHD, and Solar Panel Support

Today’s Guru answers questions about building of the barn, minimum headroom for an overhead garage door, and support for solar panels.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Hello! We found your website for pole barns. We’re still thinking about which option we’d like to go with, but we’re wondering if you also have a team that will do the actual building of the pole barn. If so, how much does that cost? If not, do you ever recommend a certain group to build the pole barn?

DEAR COURTNEY: Thank you very much for your interest in a new Hansen Pole Buildings’ complete kit package. We are not erection contractors in any state, our buildings are designed for an average person who can and will read instructions to successfully construction their own custom designed post frame building.
In most areas, fair market value for assembly is about 50% of what materials costs are.
Due to liability issues, we never “recommend” any builders. We can give you guidance or offer assistance in finding a builder, should this not be a project you feel comfortable undertaking.
When searching for a builder, follow this: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2013/07/contractor-6/


DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Minimum headroom required for 14 foot tall OHD. MARK in LaOTTO

DEAR MARK: A 14 foot tall overhead sectional door requires a minimum of 15-3/4” headroom. Add four more inches for an opener. https://amarr.com/commercial/service_and_support/track_details


DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Are these (post frame buildings) strong enough to support solar panels? BRIEN

DEAR BRIEN: Provided you give us the weight per square foot of the panels in advance – most certainly! We can have your new post frame building engineered to support any amount of snow load, as well as any weight of solar panels, or other materials or systems you might want to either place upon, in, or hang from the roof system, and of course the building frame which supports it.



How Important is Technical Support?

At least here at Hansen Pole Buildings, we feel it is pretty dayem importantish!!
And just how important, enough so the information on how to get unlimited free technical support is found on the second page of our over 500 page illustrated Construction Manual.

Here is the language from the manual:

“Technical Support:

No technical support is available through our Sales or Production Departments.

For questions regarding proper installation or for any additional information not outlined inthis guide, technical support is available via the following:

FREE (and fastest):

Send an Email to TechSupport@HansenPoleBuildings.com. Include in Email: Project number, an accurate description of challenge, as well as a photo or photos if applicable.

AVAILABLE for a nominal fee (may be pre-purchased via login):

Purchasers of a technical support plan will be given contact information for our Technical Support Department. In the event a technician is not available when you call, leave a detailed message – which includes your project number. NO PROJECT NUMBER MEANS NO RESPONSE! All requests are taken in order received. Answers will either be emailed back (quickest), texted to your cell phone (please leave cell phone number and name of cellular service provider),  or next available technician will return your call. Depending  upon  call  volume,   telephone  calls will normally be returned  the following business day.

Keep in mind pole buildings are highly complex structures, involving thousands upon thousands of components. Our technical support staff may not have a solution to a particular challenge immediately. However, they will research the situation and respond with answers as quickly as is reasonably possible.

Do not contact either component manufacturers or Engineer of Record for Technical Support as wrong information may be given. Large charges to you may apply (calls or Emails to engineer WILL result in you being charged hundreds of dollars, even if question was not answered).”

Why not just let anyone answer technical support questions? Shouldn’t my Building Designer or the person ordering my materials have all of the answers?

building-plansIn a word: NO! We have highly skilled people in place to most expertly handle their portion of your post frame building project. Even though they might know the right answer – when contacted for a technical support question, it takes them away from the tasks they are most proficient at – which slows down the process for not only you, but also the rest of our clients. Rather selfish, isn’t it?

Please let the people who have the expertise answer your questions.

Why not do all technical support by phone?

While you might fully understand your building and the particular challenge at hand, it is important to accurately convey what those challenges are – putting them in writing and including any relevant photos has proven to be best at avoiding miscommunications.

We want to be able to give you the correct answers first time and every time.